Is work experience essential for MS

When Albert Einstein had said that the only source of knowledge is experience he probably was speaking about life in general. While it is true that experience is the teacher of all things, it may vary for different courses and degrees. Right after the completion of undergraduate studies many students are faced with the predicament of deciding upon whether to continue their educational process or to take a plunge in to the field of work.

For a MS in US, work experience is essential if you are holding an MBA degree. However the same rule might not apply for the engineering students. Since USA is top choice for a MS, let us look at how the work experience requirement differs for an Engineering and MBA course in USA.

Most of the engineering colleges for MS in USA are not very specific regarding work experience in their application process. Rather they give more weight age to your GRE scores, personal statements, reference letters etc. However it may not imply that a candidate with work experience is discarded or disqualified. There are chances that your GRE score is not up to the mark.  In that case,you can balance it with your work experience and stalwart references. Work experience which is inclined more towards research goals is appreciated and accepted with full vigor.

An MBA student with an average work experience between three to five years has a very bright chance of selection for a MS in USA. A masters in US is not just merely learning about the concepts, it is more practical and corroborative in nature. The core focus is on the element of team work and getting insights into the real business world.  It is good to have a foundation before launching into a full-fledged career. Professional work experience allows you to understand the challenges of the world beyond theory. You can share your knowledge and put your judgement skills to better use. Also the income that you generate can also assist you financially. Usually the students want to change their fields or equip themselves better in the modern work space.

While your reasons to get a job and gain work experience or to continue studying further may be purely personal or circumstantial, it is best to take professional guidance. As MS admission consultants in Delhi, Edelevate enlightens the students about their journey to master’s in the USA.

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