How much does it cost to study MS course in US

Money makes the world go round, is a saying as old as time itself. While focus and hard work are mandatory for achieving success, money too plays an enormous part in the process of accomplishing your dreams.

They say preparation and planning are the key to success. So as you embark upon your new journey to pursue MS in US, you must be aware of all the components that make up the total amount of money that it wilms in usal cost you.


In order to ensure a higher chance of admission and scholarship for MS in US,  some students opt for tests such as GRE , TOEFFL etc. The application and preparation costs of these tests also add up to the total cost of study MS in US. The cost of a GRE exam is around $ 190 and allows you up to 4 free colleges. The TOEFFL fees in India is $ 170 and allows you up to 4 free universities .In case you wish to apply to each additional Masters University, you will have to shell out $ 27 .  In general the average application fee for some of the top MS programs in USA is around $ 75.


Unlike some other countries where student is asked to pay for the entire course, the MS in USA is based on credit hours. The tuition fees depends on the credit hours you take in a semester. Usually one course is considered as 3 credit hours .So if you attend 3 courses in one semester, it is equivalent to 9 credit hours. An average tuition fees means 6000 to 7500 per 9 credit hours or per semester.  Most of the schools ask you to take up 12 courses to finish your masters degree. This means 36 credit hours in all.


Most students who pursue MS in USA opt University apartment or on campus housing. This saves them the additional cost of commuting and travel time. Indian students who pursue MS in USA  usually prefer to stay connected with their community members and this is why they opt for apartment sharing with 4 to 5 people. This is a feasible option since it is lighter on pocket and has an element of safety too. Putting up in a village will cost you around 300 dollars inclusive of rent, electricity and food. A modest lifestyle inclusive of cost of dining out, entertainment etc should not exceed $ 1000 per month.

On an average the individual costs of an MS in USA should be around $ 70,000. Of course there are certain ways in which you can curtail the costs of studying MS in US.

  • Work while studying- A student is allowed to work for 20 hours per week. The pay for a student could range from 6 to 12 $ per hour.
  • Certain fee waivers- There are fees waivers such as TA’s, RA’s, GA’s and scholarships which can also help you in cutting down the cost of studying.

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“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its      achievement”– Bo Bennett . Edelevate can assist you in working out the costs of studying MS in US, because like Benjamin Franklin said, “a penny saved is a penny earned”.


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