Terms of Service

This agreement is between EdElevate (“EE”) and its clients. The term “EE” includes its proprietors and partners. Unless the context requires otherwise, EE and/or its assignees shall be referred to as “us, we, or our” and the clients shall be referred to as “the candidate, they, their or theirs.”
Your access to and use of the service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. These terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the service-

1. EE, its consultants, officers, editors, and representatives shall not be held liable for any denied admissions to any academic or professional program or school. The final decision authority for the admissions remains with the admissions committee of universities. Furthermore, the candidate understands that they must write their essays and that they are responsible for all aspects of the essays, CV/resumes, recommendations, videos, presentations and any other content that’s part of the application.

2. The candidate is responsible for sharing with EE, and validate, all the university requirements including application, essays, documentation, etc.

3. It is solely upon the candidate to fill up applications and communicate with the university. EE will be responsible for reviewing and validating your application. Any formal or informal conversation with the university, high commission, embassy, etc. shall be taken up by the candidate.

4. The candidate shall strictly abide by and cater to the university deadlines for the submission of applications.

5. The candidate is expected to agree and comply with our refund policy, which is as follows:
5a. EE will not issue refunds after the payment has been made (by the candidate).
5b. EE consultants block their time based on the scope of activities decided at the time of sign-up. Therefore, we shall not entertain any requests pertaining to changing of schedules/scope after signup, unless it has been mutually agreed upon in writing before the payment has been made. After making the payment, if the candidate decides to use a lower scope than what was originally mutually agreed upon, a refund cannot be processed. The credit shall at no time be transferable to another candidate (friends, colleagues etc.).
5c. EE reserves the discretion to define acceptable timelines mutually with the candidate. In case of inordinate or unexplained delays at the candidate’s end, or requests with impractical timelines, EE shall be under no obligation to complete the full scope of services. No refunds shall be processed either.

6. Only the major for which the candidate has enrolled will be covered under the scope of service. If the candidate wishes to apply for a different or additional major, additional charges shall apply.

7. The responsibility concerning the validity and genuineness of the documents that the candidate provides to EE, rests upon the former.

8. EE reserves the right to use candidates’ essays as samples (after removing references to any identity) unless otherwise stated by them.

9. We reserve the right to use the information provided by the candidate and share it with third parties for promotional purposes.

10. Prices are subject to changes without prior notice.

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