Comprehensive UG Admissions

Comprehensive UG Admissions

Success depends on receiving the appropriate advice at the right moment. When it comes to undergraduate or UG admissions abroad, EdElevate provides you with end-to-end services. Let EdElevate assist you in obtaining admissions and scholarships to prestigious UG courses abroad in the US and Canada, starting with the creation of your profile and activity resume, shortlisting universities that match your interests, writing your common application and other essays, and visa guidance. We would be delighted to assist you and see you succeed leveraging our experience and knowledge.

Service Inclusions

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1. Application Strategy & Story Formation

To initiate the process of UG admission abroad, the mentors at EdElevate strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of your credentials, taking into consideration various factors such as your academic and professional background, standardized test scores, potential for scholarships, and more.

Recognising that each individual’s story is unique, we believe that your approach should also be tailored accordingly. Whether it’s focusing on targeting scholarships early on or dedicating more time to strengthen your profile, we assist you in making the best choices under the application strategy for UG admission abroad. For instance, our Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions evaluate if the universities you have in mind align with your profile and goals. Through these sessions, we help you devise a comprehensive strategy for your UG admission abroad application process, enabling you to effectively convey your distinctive narrative with clarity.

All of these steps are crucial as they allow us to establish a starting point for your applications and create a personalized strategy that caters specifically to your needs.

2. Profile Building and Activity Resume

Through a combination of introspection and brainstorming, EdElevate assists you in developing a strong and well-balanced profile for UG admission abroad. Having a comprehensive profile can be your greatest advantage when it comes to university admissions. Admission committees seek candidates who have excelled not only academically and professionally but also actively participated in extracurricular activities and community service. With our unique Gap Identifier Approach, EdElevate helps you identify and bridge any gaps in your qualifications by understanding your interests, hobbies, awards, and achievements. We provide guidance on relevant activities that can enhance your skills.

One significant aspect of profile building is its impact on your activities profile. We will guide you on how to showcase your strengths effectively by highlighting achievements and accomplishments that make the best impression, capturing your individual journey and increasing your suitability for top courses in UG admission abroad. As this process involves prioritization, we ensure that you don’t miss out on any essential experiences and make the most of every opportunity available to you.

3. University Shortlisting

To ensure your success right from the beginning, the next step after profile building is to create a comprehensive list of universities for UG admission abroad, that align perfectly with your needs. At EdElevate, our distinctive approach to shortlisting goes beyond conventional university rankings and takes into consideration a wide range of factors including your preferences, profile elements such as test scores, location preferences, desired major, budget, and more. We strive to achieve a well-balanced shortlist by evaluating the overall ecosystem of each university.

By categorizing universities into Ambitious, Moderate, and Safe options, we provide you with a shortlist that encompasses both dream schools and safety schools. This approach maximizes your chances of UG admission abroad and ensures that your university selection is a balanced combination of aspirational choices and more secure options.

4. Essay brainstorming, review & editing

Building upon the unique story we have crafted through profile building, we will engage in brainstorming sessions with you to develop captivating narratives that will distinguish you and increase your chances of securing UG admission abroad to top-tier universities.

Whether it’s the Common Application, UC Application, UCAS, Coalition Application, or any other application platform, we firmly believe that essays serve as a reflection of your thoughts rather than a mere test of your writing skills. Your essays should embody your experiences and present a one-of-a-kind story that captivates the reader. Our collaborative approach, combining introspection, brainstorming, and expert structural analysis, will assist you in thinking critically and organizing your ideas effectively. Through utilizing your insights, our expertise, and thorough research, we pinpoint the goals that align best with your candidacy and tailor the essays to fit specific university ecosystems.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support in editing and refining your essays to ensure that your ideas are conveyed clearly and concisely for UG admission abroad.

5. LOR Guidance

A well-crafted Letter of Recommendation can greatly strengthen your application for UG admission abroad, and at EdElevate, we understand its value. We assist you in identifying the most suitable referees, such as counselors and teachers, and devise a strategy to effectively approach them. In cases where your school lacks a dedicated counselor, we also help you evaluate alternative individuals who can provide strong recommendations. By utilizing our samples and guides, we ensure that you grasp the appropriate format and structure for your letter. Our mentors will guide you on emphasizing notable skills and experiences that should be highlighted in your recommendation, providing validation for your achievements.

6. Interview Preparation

Some of the top universities in the United States, including Harvard, Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, and others, incorporate evaluative interviews as part of their admissions process for UG admission in US. If you have received an interview invitation, congratulations! This signifies that the admissions committee is genuinely interested in your profile, and it presents an opportunity for you to make a lasting impression. At EdElevate, we will thoroughly prepare you with our invaluable tips, guides, and proven strategies to ensure your success. We will provide guidance on how to approach the interview process without feeling intimidated, helping you develop a structured thought process and maintain composure even in challenging situations. Our interview preparation sessions involve crafting narratives, fostering a structured thought process, and sharing tips to excel in the interview. Additionally, our mock sessions will refine your approach, giving you a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, we will discuss the types of questions you can ask the admissions committee about their programs and provide guidance on how to follow up after the interview.

7. Waitlist Strategy

After the evaluation of your application, there are four possible outcomes: Acceptance (Congratulations!), Rejection (No need to worry, there are other options), Deferral to a later round of admissions, and Waitlist (Often the most frustrating position to be in). It’s important to note that being waitlisted does not equate to an official rejection. While it may require a longer waiting period than anticipated, it indicates that the admissions committee is still interested in your profile. At EdElevate, our experts are here to encourage and support you in navigating the waitlist process for UG admission abroad. We assist you in crafting a strong waitlist letter that reaffirms your interest in the university and provide guidance on connecting with current students or alumni who can offer insights and support.

8. Visa Guidance

Obtaining an F-1 visa for the UG admission in US or a study permit for UG admission in Canada and other countries is the final hurdle you need to overcome before embarking on your journey to your dream destination. Rest assured, our comprehensive end-to-end support has got you covered.

We provide a thorough checklist of all the necessary documentation required to secure your visa. Our experts will assist you in organizing critical accompanying and financial documents, ensuring that you demonstrate sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses for UG admission abroad. Proper financial planning is crucial!

Moreover, our counselors will carefully review your forms to ensure that every detail is in order, leaving no room for oversight.

Last but certainly not least, we will extensively prepare you for the interview process involved in the US study visa application. Our mentors will engage in brainstorming sessions with you, address frequently asked questions, and conduct mock interviews to guide you through this final step.

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    Is this right for you?


    Objectively, a good GRE/GMAT score is one that is competitive with the average scores of admitted students in your desired program. However, to know if your GRE/GMAT is high enough, you have to take into account other aspects of your profile. If your CGPA is below average and you have little or no professional experience, then a high GRE/GMAT score can help you offset the other gaps in your profile. On the other hand, if you have a high CGPA and have garnered extensive professional experience, then even average GRE and GMAT scores may be fine for you. (Link to Retaking the GMAT blog)

    Opting for a STEM program in the US can provide students with a wide range of opportunities and advantages, making it a popular and rewarding choice. Choosing a STEM program not only opens up more research and career opportunities, but also means that you will be eligible for an additional STEM Optional Practical Training period to work in the US for an additional 24 months, for a total of 36 months (3 years).

    To know how you can benefit from a STEM program, while applying for an H1 visa, read more here. (Link to STEM blog)

    Simply put, this depends on the specific requirements of the program you are choosing to apply for. 

    TOEFL is great if you want to take up a program only in the United States. IELTS works here too but is more widely accepted in countries like Australia, UK, Canada for example.

    When determining which exam to take, it’s crucial to take into account the criteria set by the institution or organization you are applying to. Some organizations may accept either exam, while others may only accept one. Both exams are acknowledged and valued, and selecting the appropriate one for you is dependent on your personal circumstances and objectives.

    Some top universities also offer waivers based on academic background and profile. Most significantly, top B-schools offer English Language proficiency waivers if you have completed your undergraduate program with English as the official language for instruction. Read more.. (Link to IELTS vs TOEFL v PTE blog)


    Yash Kansal

    UCLA was a dream university for an undergraduate program in my list and this dream was realized because of the systematic and methodical approach of the EdElevate team. They conducted an in-depth analysis of my profile and made meaningful suggestions on what to incorporate in common application essays and writing supplements of various universities. My extracurricular and community activities were well knitted in essays by the expert writers. I also got admitted to: UCSD, USC & UT Austin.


    Yash Kansal

    UCLA (Undegraduate Studies) (Other Admits) UCSD, USC, UT Austin
    Yasmeen Chahal

    I thank EdElevate profusely for getting me admission in University of Southern California. I really appreciate the help they offered in making powerful essays for my applications. With their guidance and support, I could also secure a scholarship in two of the universities I applied for. I highly recommend EdElevate for support for undergraduate studies abroad.

    Yasmeen Chahal

    University Of Southern California (Undergraduate Studies)
    Joydeep Saha

    When I was researching for my opportunities to pursue my degree abroad, EdElevate not only helped me with the application process but also helped me write the essays and craft my CV. They also assessed which universities would be the best fit according to my caliber. The EdElevate team also ensured that I met all my university deadlines on time. I am extremely thankful to the EdElevate team and Umesh sir.


    Joydeep Saha

    University of Washington Seattle, Undergraduate program

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