University Shortlisting and Story Formation

University Shortlisting and Story Formation

We help students identify best fit universities based on their academic background, interests, and career goals. Our expert mentors also provide guidance on building a strong profile that highlights students’ strengths and achievements, increasing their chances of acceptance to their desired universities.

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University Shortlisting

To set you up for success from the get go, creating a comprehensive list of universities that will be the ‘perfect fitment’ for you is the next step after profile building. With our unique shortlisting approach, we not only take your preferences and profile elements like test scores, location preferences, core specialisation, budget, and many other factors into account, but also achieve a balanced shortlist by going beyond the conventional university rankings, and evaluating the ecosystem as a whole.

With our categorisation of universities into Ambitious, Moderate, and Safe, you can be rest assured your university shortlist will be a balance of dream and safe schools, geared to maximise your chances of admission.

Profile Building and CV/Resume

With a blend of self-introspection and brainstorming, EdElevate helps you achieve a robust and balanced profile. A well-rounded profile can be your biggest asset. University admissions committees are on the lookout for candidates who have not only excelled academically and professionally, but have also engaged in research, created projects, and participated in extracurricular activities and community work. With our Gap Identifier Approach, EdElevate will help you identify and bridge the gaps in your candidature by understanding your areas of interests, hobbies, awards and achievements etc., and advising relevant activities for upskilling.

If you are transitioning from one field/branch/domain to another, online courses that we recommend can be a great way to augment your skills and strengthen your CV, while also subtly communicating to the admissions committees your commitment towards the program.

A crucial impact of profile building will be on your Resume. We will guide you on how you can put your best foot forward by including details on your achievements, accomplishments, capturing your journey, impact of your work, enhancing your suitability for top MS programs. Our mentors will assist you in editing and reviewing your CV to ensure that it adheres to the proper structure and employs efficient language throughout. With our expert suggestions, your professional Resume will be transformed into an MS CV/Resume that appeals to admissions committee members.

(Improve your CV through the power of meaningful Action Words. Choose from EdElevate’s comprehensive list here.)


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    Objectively, a good GRE/GMAT score is one that is competitive with the average scores of admitted students in your desired program. However, to know if your GRE/GMAT is high enough, you have to take into account other aspects of your profile. If your CGPA is below average and you have little or no professional experience, then a high GRE/GMAT score can help you offset the other gaps in your profile. On the other hand, if you have a high CGPA and have garnered extensive professional experience, then even average GRE and GMAT scores may be fine for you. (Link to Retaking the GMAT blog)

    Opting for a STEM program in the US can provide students with a wide range of opportunities and advantages, making it a popular and rewarding choice. Choosing a STEM program not only opens up more research and career opportunities, but also means that you will be eligible for an additional STEM Optional Practical Training period to work in the US for an additional 24 months, for a total of 36 months (3 years).

    To know how you can benefit from a STEM program, while applying for an H1 visa, read more here. (Link to STEM blog)


    Yash Kansal

    UCLA was a dream university for an undergraduate program in my list and this dream was realized because of the systematic and methodical approach of the EdElevate team. They conducted an in-depth analysis of my profile and made meaningful suggestions on what to incorporate in common application essays and writing supplements of various universities. My extracurricular and community activities were well knitted in essays by the expert writers. I also got admitted to: UCSD, USC & UT Austin.


    Yash Kansal

    UCLA (Undegraduate Studies) (Other Admits) UCSD, USC, UT Austin
    Ajay Arora

    I applied to 6 MBA programs and got through to all of them with scholarships. Mr. Umesh and Bhanu helped me identify the strengths in my profile, work on my weaknesses, and helped me stand out. With the strategy sessions, I was able to ace the interviews as well.

    Ajay Arora

    SMU Cox, MBA (with 40% scholarship)
    Abhishek Bansal

    My journey has been really wonderful. The whole team of EE helped me a lot, from selecting the right B-schools, to profile building, to creating essays. We had several sessions to build my profile and their inputs helped me shine. If you want to apply to B-schools, I would definitely recommend EdElevate.


    Abhishek Bansal

    Concordia University, MBA

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