Comprehensive MS Admissions

Comprehensive MS Admissions

Right guidance at the right time is vital for success. This is what we at EdElevate offer you when it comes to admissions consulting for  MS in abroad programs. Beginning from profile building and activity resume, to shortlisting universities that align with your interests, common application and other essays, and visa counselling, let EdElevate help you secure admissions and scholarships to top universitie for MS admissions. With our experience and expertise we would love to help you and see you shine.

Service Inclusions


1. Application Strategy & Story Formation

To kick off the MS admissions process, EdElevate mentors try to understand and evaluate your credentials holistically, taking into account your academic and professional experience, standardised test scores, scope for scholarships, among other things.

 As your story is unique, so should be your approach. Should you start early to target scholarships or spend more time on profile building to strengthen your profile? Under application strategy for MS in abroad, we evaluate your goals and help you make the optimum choice. For example, we check if the universities you have in mind align with your profile and goals, through our Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions.

All of this is essential as it enables us to set a starting point for the applications and devise a strategy customised for your masters degree abroad.

2. Profile Building and CV/Resume

With a blend of self-introspection and brainstorming, EdElevate helps you achieve a robust and balanced profile. A well-rounded profile can be your biggest asset for MS in abroad. University admissions committees are on the lookout for candidates who have not only excelled academically and professionally, but have also engaged in research, created projects, and participated in extracurricular activities and community work. With our Gap Identifier Approach, EdElevate will help you identify and bridge the gaps in your candidature by understanding your areas of interests, hobbies, awards and achievements etc., and advising relevant activities for upskilling.  If you are transitioning from one field/branch/domain to another, online courses that we recommend can be a great way to augment your skills and strengthen your CV, while also subtly communicating to the admissions committees your commitment towards the MS study abroad. A crucial impact of profile building will be on your Resume. We will guide you on how you can put your best foot forward by including details on your achievements, accomplishments, capturing your journey, impact of your work, enhancing your suitability for top masters degree abroad. Our mentors will assist you in editing and reviewing your CV to ensure that it adheres to the proper structure and employs efficient language throughout. With our expert suggestions, your professional Resume will be transformed into an MS CV/Resume that appeals to admissions committee members. (Improve your CV through the power of meaningful Action Words. Choose from EdElevate’s comprehensive list here.)

3. University Shortlisting

To set you up for success from the get go, creating a comprehensive list of universities that will be the ‘perfect fitment’ for you is the next step after profile building. With our unique shortlisting approach, we not only take your preferences and profile elements like test scores, location preferences, core specialisation, budget, and many other factors into account, but also achieve a balanced shortlist by going beyond the conventional university rankings, and evaluating the ecosystem as a whole for MS in abroad.

With our categorisation of universities into Ambitious, Moderate, and Safe, you can be rest assured your university shortlist will be a balance of dream and safe schools, geared to maximise your chances of admission.

4. Statement of Purpose and Personal Statement brainstorming, review & editing

Picking up your story that we achieved through profile building, we will brainstorm with you to achieve compelling narratives that will help you stand out and make the cut to top universities for MS in abroad.

We believe that your Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement, and other essays are your thinking test, and not a writing test. You have to live in your SOPs, your story should be unique, and worth reading. Our collaborative approach, with introspection, brainstorming, and expert structural analysis, will aid you in thinking in a structured manner and help us tailor-make winning essays. Using your thoughts, our expertise and research, we zero down on your goals that work best for your candidature, and customise essays according to specific university ecosystems for MS admissions.

And ofcourse, we provide complete support in editing and polishing your SOPs and essays to convey your thoughts in a clear and concise way, before you submit the final drafts.

5. LOR Guidance

To enhance your application for MS in abroad, a good Letter of Recommendation can be invaluable. We help you identify the best suited referees and chart out the strategy to reach out to them. Get the format and structure right through our samples and guides. Our mentors will guide you regarding the noteworthy skills and experiences to highlight in your recommendation and corroborate your accomplishments.

6. Video Essay and Interview Preparation

Several top universities across the world, like UT Austin, USC, UBC, Rotman, Boston University, etc. require a video essay submission along with the standard application requirements for MS admissions. Before you get an opportunity to interact with the admissions committee one-on-one, a video essay is your chance to make an impact. Usually, the video essays can be recorded or live, and even consist of a timed response. Our strategy session with expert guides and mentors are dedicated to helping you build a structured thought process, covering myriad topics. With our guides, FAQs, tips and tested strategies, we will prepare you to maintain an active mindset and set yourself up for success for MS in abroad.

What’s more, you may also have to face an admissions interview to complete your application. But, getting a chance to interview is in itself a reinforcement that the admissions committee is definitely interested in your profile and this is your chance to impress them. We will prepare you thoroughly with EdElevate’s tips, guides, and time-tested strategies on how to be successful with MS in abroad. We will guide you on how to not get intimidated by the process and develop a structured thought process, helping you retain your calmness quotient even in the toughest situations. Through our interview preparation session, we craft narratives, build a structured thought process, and provide you tips to ace the interview. And through our mock sessions, we perfect your approach to give you an edge.

What’s more, we will also discuss questions that you can ask the admissions committee about their programs and how to follow-up post the interview.

7. Waitlist Strategy

Once your application for MS in abroad is evaluated, there are four possible outcomes- Acceptance (Great!), Rejection (No worries, you have other options), Deferred to a different intake (Neither good nor bad), and Waitlist (Probably the most frustrating zone of them all). Being waitlisted for MS in abroad does not mean that it is an official rejection. Understandably, you may now have to wait longer than anticipated but it does mean that the MS admissions committee is interested in your profile. EdElevate experts encourage and support you in getting off the waitlist, help you craft a robust waitlist letter reiterating your interest in the university, and help you connect with existing students or alumni.

8. Visa Guidance

F-1 visa for US and study permit for other countries is the final hurdle before you can fly off to your dream destination and start your journey for MS in abroad. Our end-to-end support has you covered.

We provide you a comprehensive checklist of all the documentation you need to secure a visa. Our experts will help you get your critical accompanying and financial documentation in line to demonstrate adequate finances to cover tuition and living expenses for MS admissions. Right financial planning is key!

What’s more, our counselors will review your forms to ensure that we leave no stone unturned and everything is in order.

Lastly, but most importantly, we will also prepare you thoroughly for the interview in the US study visa process. Our mentors will brainstorm with you, discuss FAQs, and hold mock sessions to guide you through the final step.

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    Is this right for you?


    Objectively, a good GRE/GMAT score is one that is competitive with the average scores of admitted students in your desired program. However, to know if your GRE/GMAT is high enough, you have to take into account other aspects of your profile. If your CGPA is below average and you have little or no professional experience, then a high GRE/GMAT score can help you offset the other gaps in your profile. On the other hand, if you have a high CGPA and have garnered extensive professional experience, then even average GRE and GMAT scores may be fine for you. (Link to Retaking the GMAT blog)

    Opting for a STEM program in the US can provide students with a wide range of opportunities and advantages, making it a popular and rewarding choice. Choosing a STEM program not only opens up more research and career opportunities, but also means that you will be eligible for an additional STEM Optional Practical Training period to work in the US for an additional 24 months, for a total of 36 months (3 years).

    To know how you can benefit from a STEM program, while applying for an H1 visa, read more here. (Link to STEM blog)

    Simply put, this depends on the specific requirements of the program you are choosing to apply for. 

    TOEFL is great if you want to take up a program only in the United States. IELTS works here too but is more widely accepted in countries like Australia, UK, Canada for example.

    When determining which exam to take, it’s crucial to take into account the criteria set by the institution or organization you are applying to. Some organizations may accept either exam, while others may only accept one. Both exams are acknowledged and valued, and selecting the appropriate one for you is dependent on your personal circumstances and objectives.

    Some top universities also offer waivers based on academic background and profile. Most significantly, top B-schools offer English Language proficiency waivers if you have completed your undergraduate program with English as the official language for instruction. Read more.. (Link to IELTS vs TOEFL v PTE blog)


    Winnie Narang

    I always used to dream about studying abroad but had so many inhibitions. I feel that I was lucky enough to realize my dream through EdElevate. They helped me in getting admission in one of the best universities and also sorted all my doubts. Thank you.


    Winnie Narang

    Columbia University (MS Computer Science)
    Shakti Singh

    I am thankful to EdElevate for helping me get into one of the top universities in the US for software engineering. This has solely been possible because of the amazing write ups and the professional guidance of the EdElevate team. I cannot thank them enough for all the guidance and support.

    Shakti Singh

    Carnegie Mellon University (MS Software Engineering)
    Akshay Khanna

    Mr. Bhatia and his team members are thorough professionals and very well acquainted with their field. I would rate their services like admission counseling, visa counseling and interview preparation as excellent and I believe that their skill and knowledge in their field is unsurpassed.


    Akshay Khanna

    University Of Minnesota (MS Business Analytics)
    Pratik Singhi

    Everything, starting from university selection, to filling the application and finally making the right choice, at every step the whole team at EdElevate guided me and assisted me in the best way possible. They have simplified the whole process which seemed complex otherwise. I would like to make a special mention of Anjali ma’am who was always there to answer any query I used to have with a smile on her face. Thank you for getting me to the place I deserved. I also got through to Cornell University and NYU.


    Pratik Singhi

    Columbia University (MS Real Estate Management) (Other Admits) Cornell University, NYU
    Bhargavi Duggirala

    I would like to thank the entire EdElevate team for helping me with the admission process for Master’s in US Universities. The team patiently guided me in shortlisting universities, drafting my SOP and LORs and in my interview preparation. They were always approachable on the phone for any kind of queries. I received admits from multiple highly ranked universities because of their efforts and guidance. I would like to recommend EdElevate to everyone aiming for the best admits.

    Bhargavi Duggirala

    UCLA MS Business Analytics
    Abhinav Bindal

    EdElevate provided me with specific advice pertaining to my requirements regarding perusal of Masters Program in the United States. I was helped by EdElevate right from shortlisting universities to drafting my Statement of Purpose for MS Applications. This greatly eased the application process for me and allowed me to finish my applications well in advance.


    Abhinav Bindal

    Stanford University (MS Structural Engineering And Geomechanics)
    Ashmeet Jabbal

    I am an avid reader and have always had good communication and public speaking skills. I was very adamant about the fact that I would like to peruse my career in the same field. EdElevate helped me do the same. Another milestone in life, MA in Public relations, Boston University. Thank you EdElevate!


    Ashmeet Jabbal

    Boston University (MA In Public Relations)

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