Significance of Application Essays for Undergraduate Admissions

Whenever you apply to Ivy League Universities or any top university abroad, for each undergraduate admission spot there are a number of candidates competing and you will be one of them. One needs to remember that all the applicants have excellent SAT score, prolific high school grades and a very good track record of extra-curricular activities and achievements. Whenever the admissions committee goes through this pool of applicants, they often can’t distinguish among candidates solely on the basis of their test scores and grades, since chances are they will all be similar. Now the question is how do they actually select candidates and distinguish among them? Yes it’s the application essays which usually get you a spot at your dream university.

Essays give you the perfect chance to demonstrate something about yourself that is more than just numbers of your test scores in the application form. Essays are the only way for you to communicate to the admissions committee about who you really are and what aspirations you hold. While your grades and test scores can tell the admissions committee your capabilities of handling the rigorous course curriculum, the application essays tell the universities things like why you are a perfect fit and how you will make worthwhile contributions to their University. Essays give you the perfect opportunity to beat those other candidates fighting for the same spot as you by standing out in the stories you tell through the essay.

The best part about essays is that it is the only part of the application process you have control over. You are the one who can decide if it’s going to be different and interesting or boring. Essays are usually more of a ‘thinking’ test rather than a ‘writing’ test. Sure that the essays need to be free of grammatical errors and in a well defined structure, but what the admission officers usually look for is how deeply you can think and turn little incidents in your daily lives to compelling stories.

A student should give ample time and thought process toward their application essays. One needs to sit, analyze and brainstorm the ideas as to what picture of oneself should be presented to the admissions committee so that they want you to attend their University

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