Requirements for applying in Top US Universities

The United States of America is considered one of the best destinations for students to undertake their post-graduation studies overseas. The universities in the US provide some of the best exposures and infrastructural facilities for students, coupled with an experience in education with the help of the latest technologies.

Top universities in the US also provide a degree in Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), which further provides top class facilities to the students from overseas, in taking part in essential educational internships and job opportunity in excellent business organizations and entrepreneurship companies. To acquire an opportunity in such universities, overseas students require a significantly well academic background, sufficient work experience and adequate success in competitive examinations like TOEFL and GMAT.

American universities providing an MBA degree, also provide plenty of other facilities and opportunity for overseas students. They can undergo an extended course of two years, as compared to other foreign country universities, which provide a one-year course. Students also get to participate in the field of study, which they desire, as well get to choose their own organization of interest for training and application for job opportunity. Some of the top universities in the US, which offer MBA courses, are the following:

  • Kellogg Business school
  • Yale
  • Wharton school of business
  • Harvard
  • Carnegie Mellon

Requirements: One requires an efficient essay, clearly stating their achievements and ambitions in life in clear and crisp language. The aim of the essay is to highlight your character and life events, highlighting your achievements. One also requires a LOR or ‘Letter of Recommendation’, which is similar to an essay, except that here, you are highlighting as to why you should be selected in the institute where you want to apply. In this case also, the aim should be to efficiently and subtly glorify your positive attributes and make your LOR more attractive to read than others.

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