Pursue a Major in Mass Communication from Top Universities Abroad

Mass Communication is the study of the ways and methods used for the distribution of information and news for the masses. It involves usage of the internet, newspapers, radio, magazines, television, and films for the dissemination of information. As the media and communication grows into a more multifaceted and dynamic sector, the degrees offered in this field also growing rapidly in numbers and popularity. Are you fascinated by and actively follow news stories, do you enjoy keeping up with the times, do you have your own blog, are you active on Twitter and Pinterest? If you answer yes to most of these questions, then you are cut out for a career in media and communications and you should follow your interest by undertaking a degree in the subject.

Today Mass Communication is taught at many top-ranking universities all in the world. The subject offers many different specializations and careers paths for students to pursue. Listed below are some of the top ranking mass communication universities in World:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology runs courses in media studies and writing. Students are taught the use of media technologies and offered the study of various media forms.

  1. University of California, USA

The University of California, USA offers undergraduate courses in media studies. The programs at this university are a combination of communications, political science and several other fields.

  1. University of Westminster, United Kingdom

The University of Westminster offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of mass communication. It also offers research programs in mass communication and part time programs in communication, multimedia, journalism, and media management.

  1. University Of Melbourne, Australia

The University of Melbourne, in Australia offers several diploma courses in mass communication. The programs include courses in fields like radio, television, media, and digital media.

  1. Seattle University, USA

The Seattle University, in USA offers courses in public speaking and communications.

  1. National University of Singapore, Singapore

The National University of Singapore offers programs in new media, which focuses on internet studies and the use of new mass media technologies. The programs at this university are a combination of traditional media and the new media.

  1. University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The University of Copenhagen, in Denmark, offers postgraduate MA degree course in media and communication. Here students get a global exposure by preparing assignments for the government and international institutions.

  1. The Vesalius College, Belgium

The Vesalius College, Belgium, offers bachelors degree programs in communication studies. The subjects included in the course are political science and business.

  1. Utrecht University, Netherlands

The Utrecht University in Netherlands offers postgraduate degree courses in communications and media performance. The course includes education in media communications, new media and digital culture.

  1. The Columbia University, USA

The Columbia University, USA, offers a PhD program in the field of communications. The course includes 5 core courses and research methods. Students also have to learn a foreign language which is a part of the course.

Apart from the media studies colleges listed here there are several top-notch colleges situated in South Korea, Germany, USA, Norway and India which provide excellent programs in media studies.

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