Top ten mistakes to avoid while applying for MS in USA

The course of life is unpredictable and it comes with its own struggles and challenges. We are allowed to make a lot of mistakes in our lives, except the mistake that destroy us, says Paulo Coelho. When it comes to pursuing MS in USA there is be no scope of committing a blunder and so you should come to EdElevatethe best overseas education consultants in Delhi. The top schools for MS in the USA are highly selective in their admission procedures and so it becomes crucial that apart from having good scores, you are very careful in applying process. Following are the top 10 mistakes to avoid while applying for MS in USA.

Identify your criteria and purpose for pursuing a MS in USA and select an appropriate college and programme. Do not commit to anything under peer or parental pressure and make the mistake of applying randomly to as many universities as possible. Seeking MS in USA is seen as a colossal stepping stone towards a successful professional life so make sure you are completely focused and determined.

Almost all the top schools in USA conduct standardized tests such as GMAT, GRETOEFL, IELTS etc. Apart from an excellent score in these tests, the colleges also pay attention to other credentials such as leadership experience, community service, global awareness etc. Remember with well over 200 plus leading colleges and universities in the USA, the competition to get to the top ten is very tough. You need to prepare well and ace these standardized tests.   Do not wait GMAT/GRE+ TOEFL score to arrive. EdElevate helps the students in applying to their dream colleges before they miss the deadline to moving to the land of their dreams.

Another mistake that the students tend to make is waiting for the hard copy of test scores (GMAT/GRE/TOEFL) The US colleges do not accept these from the students. The best way is to report your score 30 days in advance to the application deadline of the university you are targeting.

Overconfidence can be a major setback so never overestimate your score. Your target score must be 10% higher than your required score. Positive thinking is a good thing but don’t expect all universities to apply in the affirmative.

Filling up the application form for MS in USA is by no means an easy task and here is where EdElevate helps the students out. They make sure you don’t commit spelling errors, incorrect academic results etc.

Statement of purpose is the most important factor in your university admissions. The SOP has to incorporate all the aspects of the students’ personality such as his ambitions, professional aspirations, goals etc. Many a times students have made massive blunders such as filling the wrong university name, or referring to the incorrect programme, providing false information or grammatical mistakes etc. Your SOP should not be too lengthy or too short. An ideal SOP should be anywhere between 550 to 600 words.  EdElevate helps the students in creating a flawless and impeccable SOP which will create the desired impression on the admission committee of your dream college. Essays writing also play a vital role when it comes to applying for MS in USA, as they are reflective our capabilities and strengths. It is therefore imperative that you have a strong and powerful essay.  The highly competitive and experienced staff at EdElevate helps the students in essay writing, making sure they are articulate and well written. Resume building requires experience and clarity. You cannot make the mistake of hiding any information etc. While for most MS programs in US work experience is not essential, it helps having one as it boosts your chances of admission. However to build to work experience during your course, that’s not required.

Many young students who are on the threshold of their dream careers are perplexed about which is the best college for pursuing MS in USA. Here is a list of Top MS Universities in USA for India Students:

  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University
  • Stanford University
  • Columbia University


Fortune favors the brave and dreams can come true only if you work hard enough and never stop fighting for what you want

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