Career Guide : MS in Computer Science

MS Computer Science in USA remains one of the most popular courses pursued by Computer Science students after completing their undergraduate studies in India. The dynamic curricula of these courses along with wide array of research opportunities available abroad make them a preferred choice among students.

It is not uncommon for students to develop a desire to acquire advanced technical skill set in a particular domain while pursuing their undergraduate studies and this is what an MS education can provide them. This course is highly favoured by students seeking specialization in areas such as, Artificial Intelligence, Network Security, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Robotics, Virtual Reality among others.

MS is a research based program that requires students to complete course work and thesis in a stipulated duration of time. The 2-year program exposes the student to real-life ever evolving challenges and opportunities in the field.

While an undergraduate degree lays a strong foundation in careers including software engineering, systems engineering, virtual reality etc. an MS degree opens up additional opportunities and present an accelerated chance of growth. Studying abroad in countries such as the US in itself provides a new dimension to the personality and coupled with a relevant specialization it can be a turning point in a professional’s life.

Some of the key points to be kept in mind other than the GRE scores while applying for MS are, selection of a good university offering exhaustive research facilities in your area of interest, a good check and understanding of the faculty that will mentor you during your tenure, student diversity, alumni, timeline management so as to not miss the deadline and gain first mover advantage, elucidation of your own goals.

Almost all the universities will ask you to draft a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and get recommendations from your seniors at work or professors in college. Ensure that your SOP clearly mentions your background, your goals, and your reason to pursue the course. It should reflect your clarity of thought. Get your family to read it and redo it, if required edit it mercilessly till you achieve the desired result. You can also take the help of the experts in the field to get an edge.

Overall, an MS in Computer Science is a great choice to make, however, make sure you undertake the right preparation to get admitted to the best university and thereby excel in your career.

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