Unleashing the Power of Fun Facts in MBA Admissions

As the MBA application season reaches its zenith, a new and intriguing element has emerged in the admissions process—the request for essays on random or fun facts. Top MBA schools, such as Georgia Tech (Scheller), Georgetown (McDonough), and SMU (Cox), are now keen on uncovering the quirks, hobbies, and random facts of applicants. Beyond the traditional components of resumes, GMAT scores, and professional experiences, admissions committees are delving into the personal side of applicants. This shift has become especially prominent in Round 2 applications, sparking the question: How do you respond to a request for fun facts that go beyond the conventional confines of your CV?

The Scoop on Fun Facts:

In the realm of MBA admissions, the request for fun facts is transforming the landscape. No longer confined to the rigid structures of academic achievements and professional experiences, admissions committees are actively seeking glimpses into the personal lives of applicants. This intriguing shift has brought about a refreshing approach to understanding candidates on a deeper level. The ‘fun facts’ request has become a powerful tool, opening the door to a more holistic evaluation that goes beyond the conventional measures of success.

By inviting applicants to share random or quirky aspects of their lives, top MBA schools are acknowledging the importance of the individual behind the achievements. Integrating random facts related to your hobbies, cultural background, values, and ethics can offer a unique dimension to your MBA application. It’s an opportunity for the admissions committee to get to know the authentic you, beyond the academic and professional facade.

This innovative trend serves as a reminder that an MBA program is not just about assembling a cohort of high achievers but is also about fostering a diverse community of individuals with unique perspectives, passions, and personalities.

Examples of Fun Facts to Elevate Your MBA Application:


  1. Multilingual Marvel: Fluent in four languages, seamlessly navigates global conversations with a touch of linguistic flair.
  2. Discerning Traveler: Having tasted my way through 15 countries, embark on a gastronomic mission to uncover unique flavors and culinary traditions.
  3. Tech Whiz and Yoga Enthusiast: By day, unraveling complex codes; by dawn, unraveling a yoga mat. Balancing the binary world with mindful asanas keeps me centered.
  4. TED Talk Aficionado: Watched every TED Talk ever published – a testament to an insatiable curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning.
  5. Volunteer Virtuoso: Devote weekends to community service, driven by a passion to leave a positive impact on every life touched.
  6. StarGazer & Astrophile: An avid telescope collector, can identify constellations from any hemisphere, fueled by a passion for the cosmos.
  7. Extreme Puzzle Solver: Thrive on the challenge of solving intricate puzzles, whether crosswords, Sudoku, or Rubik’s cubes. My record? Completing a 9×9 Sudoku in under 5 minutes.
  8. Nature’s Navigator: Whether hiking through dense forests or identifying rare flora, weekends are dedicated to exploring the wonders of the natural world.

Navigating Uncharted Territory:

As applicants find themselves in this uncharted territory of personal revelation, one guiding principle stands out—authenticity. Responding to the call for fun facts provides an opportunity to present an unfiltered view of who you are beyond the confines of a traditional resume. It’s a chance to humanize the application process, offering the admissions committee a genuine glimpse into your character, values, and interests.

Authenticity, in this context, means being true to yourself and choosing fun facts that genuinely reflect your personality. Whether it’s a unique hobby, a cultural connection, or a quirky talent, the key is to share aspects of your life that resonate with you on a personal level. This isn’t about crafting a narrative to impress; it’s about letting your true self shine through.

Moreover, navigating this uncharted territory requires a careful balance. While it’s an invitation to share personal insights, it’s essential to maintain a level of professionalism. Fun facts should enhance your application, not overshadow the core elements of your academic and professional achievements. Think of it as an opportunity to add layers to your narrative, making you a more memorable and well-rounded candidate.

Summing up:

To all MBA aspirants, embrace the opportunity to share your quirks and let your unique light shine through!

Unveil the power of fun facts, and let your personality stand out in the competitive landscape of MBA admissions. It’s not just about your academic and professional achievements; it’s about showcasing the authentic and multifaceted individual that you are.

Good luck on your MBA journey!

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