6 Tips To Ace Your MBA Admissions Interview

The realisation of all the effort put out while submitting the application is receiving an MBA interview invitation. The GMAT preparation, the months spent creating a profile and résumé, writing essays, and following up with recommenders to timely complete the LORs have all paid off; the next and maybe most crucial step is the interview.

The MBA interview is a decisive part of the MBA admissions process, providing an opportunity for the admissions committee to gain deeper insights into the applicant beyond their written application. It enables candidates to showcase their skills, experiences, and personality in ways that cannot be expressed through their application alone.

During the interview, applicants can demonstrate their knowledge of the school, the program, and the industry, as well as their eagerness to pursue an MBA. It also allows candidates to ask questions and gather more information about the program and the school. 

Ultimately, the MBA interview can significantly impact an applicant’s chance of being admitted to their desired MBA program. As a result, candidates should take the interview seriously and devote time and effort to prepare thoroughly for it.

Tips To Help You Ace The MBA Admissions Interview

1. Review your resume – Preparation is key to victory
Choose your most noteworthy achievements, and be prepared to give narratives to support them. These achievements and stories will serve as your key selling points while trying to get the interviewer’s attention. The interviewer may ask questions regarding any aspect of your resume, so you should be ready to contribute to the conversation and provide specific experience details.

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2. Thoroughly Research the Program – Understanding the B-school ecosystem
Spend a lot of time learning about the MBA program options, particularly the electives that fit with your objectives and the clubs and activities that you are interested in and can contribute to. To learn as much as you can and make sure your values align with the school, search social media, and send emails to professors, students, and alumni. To discover more about the school, consider attending webinars or visiting the campus, whichever is more convenient.

3. Be clear about your goals
Adcoms are interested in your journey. the types of experiences you’ve had and how they’ve shaped your development as a person and professional. Describe how your short-term goals relate to your background and how your MBA will help you achieve them.
Articulate your steps to get to your goals. Connecting your prior experiences to where you aspire to be in the future will demonstrate your passion.

4. Practice Interview Questions
Practice is essential, and you will benefit from practising your interview beforehand. Prepare a list of most commonly asked questions and ask your mentor or a friend to conduct a practice interview with you. The more experience you have with these questions, the more confident you will feel when you appear for the interview. For some people, practising alone in front of the mirror and using self-affirmation may be an effective strategy.

MBA Admissions Interview

5. Ask relevant questions
One of the best MBA interview tips is to spend time thinking of worthwhile questions to ask. Make sure that you do not ask questions that the school website could answer. Instead, ask specific and meaningful questions. Search online for your interviewer if you know their name before the interview. Ask them about their career path, personal growth, or the program’s strengths. It can be a good idea to ask specific questions about clubs, activities, or electives if the answer is not provided/clear anywhere on their website.

6. Thank you note
Sending your interviewer a thank-you note relatively immediately after the interview is excellent practice (within 24 hours). A succinct email expressing your continued interest in the program and informing the interviewer of how much and which aspects of the interview process you found most enjoyable.

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