EdElevate Tips: How to Shortlist the right B-Schools?

It’s good to be confident, but NOT overconfident. Almost every candidate has good credentials. Even if you are one in a million, there are over 7,000 more applicants like you. So, hedge your risks by choosing universities wisely and applying to a mix of ambitious and safe ones.

Here are a few quick tips for university shortlisting compiled by the EdElevate team:

  • The GMAT score tells us a lot! Chances of admission to a university should be weighed after adding and subtracting 30 from the average GMAT cut-off for its applicants. Example: If XYZ University accepts students with an average GMAT score of 650, applicants with a GMAT of 680 will have a very good chance and those with 620 still stand some chance.
  • International universities do not just consider test scores for admissions. Even if you have a lower test score but prolific job experience, international experience, extra-curricular and community activities, you can still make it to your dream university. So don’t eliminate all risky options in the first go!
  • Shortlisting all universities in one single favorite location is a NO. This creates problems during the Visa as the officers get suspicious as to why the applicant has applied to just one location.
  • Which specialization suits you optimally? Shortlist those schools, which offer the specialization you, are looking for.
  • Your short-term and long term goals- A thorough analysis is required. Choose something that strikes the perfect match for your personality, interests and aptitude. See if the University you are shortlisting has the clubs and societies which align well with the specialization you are choosing
  • Look at how good the placements are and where are the alumni working
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