Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

EdElevate provided me with holistic counselling for choosing the right university and course. They helped me at each step during my admission process and brain stormed me well on the common application essays. My write-ups were well formulated and edited by the experienced writers. My experience with the entire team was very good.

Gurpreet Singh

University Of Texas, Arlington (Undergraduate Studies)

EdElevate is the pioneer in admissions consulting when it comes to study abroad. They helped me thoroughly with my entire admission process. All my write-ups were made university specific and the guidance provided was of utmost help. Thank you EdElevate.

Haripad Bharti

UMass Dartmouth (MS Computer Science)

Special thanks to Mr. Bhatia for his prompt action and excellent guidance in helping me go through all the procedures is much appreciated. The entire team at EdElevate is friendly and helpful. Would recommend it to everyone.

Nishant Kochar

Purdue University (Undergraduate Studies)

I HAVE GOT INTO IE Spain!!!! The credit entirely goes to EdElevate. It wouldn’t have been possible without their help. I really appreciate all the inputs and revisions that they made to make my essays strong among all the other applicants. Great job!!


IE Spain With 30% Scholarship (MBA)

There is no question that associating with EdElevate dramatically improved my MBA application success. My essays were drastically improved through expertise and thoughtfulness. The process and feedback mechanism was helpful in challenging me to think honestly and critically about my goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

Shruti Chandok

York University, Schulich School Of Business (MBA)

EdElevate made me aware of the best universities abroad so that I could make the most informed choice amongst all. I would like to thank them for all their help and support.


University Of San Francisco (Undergraduate Studies)

Your efforts and expert guidance has fetched me an admit in a top university. Instrumental in selecting universities, in preparation for application, recommendations and essays. It was a wonderful experience. Wishing you all the best for your future.

Avin Sharma

Thunderbird School Of Global Management (MBA)

It has been a remarkable learning experience where I have been able to grasp the points of dealing with International Admission. My expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Thanks EdElevate.

Gaurav Gangwar

University Of Texas With $10,000 Scholarship (MS In Mechanical Engineering)

At EdElevate, every aspect of the application process -short listing universities, reviewing SOP’s, university interviews and visa interviews are closely monitored. Mr. Bhatia is truly a mentor and I thank him for all his guidance.

Shray Sharan

Texas A&M College Station (MBA)

I came at EdElevate to get into a university in USA. My aspiration was to pursue MS in Mechanical Engineering. EdElevate helped me get into Illinois Institute of Technology and realise my dream.

Naman Chopra

Illinois Institute Of Technology (MS In Mechanical Engineering)

University Of San Francisco (Undergraduate Studies)Thanks to EdElevate for guiding me through the entire process. My application would not have been as it is without their support. They have been a guide and a friend to me. Their every criticism made me better.

Himanshu Maggo

Pennsylvania State University (MS Computer Science)

I am thankful to EdElevate for helping me get into one of the top universities in US for my undergraduate studies. It has been possible due to the amazing essays and the professional guidance of Umesh sir. Thank you EdElevate.

Srivas Prasad

Princeton University With 100% Scholarship (Undergraduate Studies)

EdElevate was recommended to me by a friend of mine. EdElevate helped me shortlist universities, goals and areas of improvement in my profile. Their exceptional essays, recommendation letters and mock interview sessions led to my successful admission.

Ankit Chaudhri

Schulich School Of Business (MBA)

EdElevate provided me exceptional guidance for my MBA admissions abroad. Right from shortlisting to aiding me to write powerful essays, the team’s diligent efforts allowed me to get an admit from a few top Schools including University of Cincinnati with 50% scholarship.

Sachin Arora

University Of Cincinnati With 50% Scholarship (MBA)

I would like to thank EdElevate for their non-stop support in counseling me towards achieving my dream. Their approach towards University shortlisting, preparing write-ups, interview preparation, all is excellent. I would recommend it to all students who are thinking of pursuing higher studies abroad.

Varun Sinha

University Of Texas, Austin (MS Computer Science)

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