A to Z of applying for MS Course in USA

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Are you all set to pursue a MS course in USA? Then chances are you need a thorough A to Z of how to apply for the course. Follow them step by step and make a smooth and meticulous transition into a new world of education and a life abroad:

  1. Select your Universities – Every accomplishment starts with one’s knowledge of knowing whMS in USAat they want. In the same way a MS course in USA requires you to select your preferred University and choice of program. In an ideal situation, the candidate must start selecting the Universities 15 months prior to their application process. The best time is around the months of May – June and most of the MS programs in USA usually commence in September.
  2. Deadlines –While most Universities complete the application process till December, there are a few which go right up to the month of February. The education system of USA follows 3 types of admission plans, early admission, regular admission and rolling admission. It is however essential to keep a tab on the deadlines of your selected Universities. In order to save yourself from stress and anxiety, it is recommended you apply early and not wait for the last minute
  3. Eligibility- For a MS in USA for Indian students, you must meet a few of the following eligibility criteria;
  • Majority of the universities in USA need a student to have a minimum of 16 years of education. This means completion of at least 4 years after a basic 10 + 2 is a must.
  • Standardized test- There is a set of certain standardized test that the aspirant is required to undergo. Some of them are GMAT, GRE,IELTS, LSAT etc.
  1. Standardized tests – Let us learn about the above mentioned tests in detail;
  • GRE- This is a must have for almost of MS level programs across USA.
  • TOEFL- An English proficiency test, TOEFL is considered as a relatively easy one among the lot of all other standardized tests.
  • IELTS- This one too is intended towards testing your aptitude and competence of English Language. It targets student from non-native English speaking nations.
  • MCAT- If you wish to pursue medical science in the USA, you will have to appear for a MCAT.
  • LSAT- If law is your calling then a LSAT is a mandatory test.
  1. Applications- Universities in the USA have a holistic approach and pay a lot of weight age to aspects other than the academic scores as well. This is inclusive of;
  • SOP – A statement of purpose needs to be strong and impactful. This does not mean that you have to be overtly profound or arduous in your choice of words. Keep it simple and to the point.
  • LOR – Letters of Recommendation by your counselors or teachers play a significant role in creating the right impression.
  • Essay- An essay is supposed to reflect your innate personality and thought process. The topic of the essay might vary from one University to another and some might even ask for 2 to 3 essays.
  • Resume- A well-articulated and structured resume is inclusive of basic information such birth, academic qualification, and special aspects such as your achievements etc.
  1. Academic transcripts– It is recommended that the aspirant starts collecting all the academic transcripts of the qualifications he has mentioned.

Apart from these, if there is any work experience document, it needs to be attached too. Photocopies of passport, certificates of the extracurricular activities etc. are also needed.

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