10 Project Ideas for B-School Admissions

Struggling to find ideas for project when applying for admission to top business schools across the globe? If you are a high-schooler, projects are a great way for you to build your profile and gain valuable experience. While undergraduate admissions can be overwhelming, a robust profile will help you go a long way.

Here are some project ideas tailored for admission to a bachelor’s program in business school:

1. Local Business Analysis

Conduct a study on a local business, analyzing its operations, market position, and potential for growth. Provide recommendations for improvement based on your findings.

2. Entrepreneurial Venture Proposal

Develop a business plan for a startup idea, outlining its market viability, target audience, competitive advantage, and financial projections.

3. Marketing Campaign Design

Create a marketing campaign for a product or service, including strategies for promotion, branding, and customer engagement.

4. Financial Portfolio Simulation

Participate in a virtual investment simulation, managing a portfolio of stocks and analyzing its performance over time.

5. Community Impact Project

Implement a community service project in collaboration with a local organization, focusing on issues such as sustainability, diversity, or social responsibility.


project ideas for b-school admission
10 project ideas for b-school admission


6. Case Study Analysis

Analyze a real-world business case study, identifying key challenges and proposing strategic solutions.

7. E-commerce Business Plan

Develop a business plan for an e-commerce venture, detailing its online platform, product offerings, customer acquisition strategies, and revenue model.

8. Industry Trends Research

Investigate emerging trends in a specific industry, presenting insights on market opportunities, consumer preferences, and competitive dynamics.

9. Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize the supply chain of a fictional company, identifying inefficiencies and proposing cost-effective solutions for streamlining operations.

10. Leadership Development Initiative

Organize a leadership development program for your peers, focusing on skills such as communication, teamwork, and decision-making.


These project ideas allow you to showcase your business acumen, analytical skills, creativity, and leadership potential – all of which are highly valued by business schools. Choose a project that aligns with your interests and strengths, and be prepared to discuss your experiences and insights during the admissions process.

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