Yash Kansal

Meet Yash Kansal, who always dreamt of studying in a top-notch University in California. He came to us a year in advance to seek the correct guidance. He thought that his chances of getting into a top University are not very high since he did not have very high academic credentials or test scores. He used to believe that the only way of getting accepted to a top University is through excellent test scores. We busted this myth!

Since Yash approached us one year in advance, we were able to guide him as to what extracurricular activities and community service activities he can participate in throughout the year to build a strong profile.

During his applications, our team followed a methodological approach and conducted an in-depth profile analysis and made meaningful suggestions as to what should be incorporated in the common application essays and other writing supplements. Our expert writers knitted his extra-curricular activities and community activities very well in the essays.

Eventually all the efforts and the hard work paid off and Yash got into UCLA, UCSD, USC and UT, Austin

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