Yale school of management: MBA essays decoded

Since several MBA programmes of study require no less than submitting one essay as a component of the application, it is important to know the tips in writing MBA essays. As an MBA essays consulting provider, we help you to understand the important information required in MBA essays. You may see below for some tips in writing a good MBA essay.

Give Time in Writing

A well written MBA essay is not composed in a day or within seven days. Begin early – no less than two months before your due date.

Make Use of Headings

Since each of the MBA essay questions are in fact 3 to 4 questions combined together, it is a smart idea to utilize headings which add structure to your composition and help you remain concentrated on the question asked.

Provide Answer to the Essay Question Asked

Most of the candidates neglect to answer the question asked. For example, a question may be to write regarding achievements in profession, and if the candidate might write about a spelling bee competition he won in the third grade, then that is not considered to be appropriate answer.

You Need to be Your Own Self

The Admissions Committee is trying to know more regarding a candidate and his/her unique identity and how that could finally contribute to the institution and programme of study.

Brevity & Word Limit

Most of the business schools are strict regarding the length of MBA essays. You could surpass the cutoff word limit by fifty words, however hundred words is pushing it.

Writing Voice & Style

MBA essays are the dead graveyards regarding verbs in English language. The tone you utilize in the MBA essays ought to have a professional tone, however somewhat casual. The casualness demonstrates confidence, which is really significant in an MBA application.

Content, Not Grammar

Keep in mind, MBA essays are more regarding what you have to say than with regard to how you can say it. Hence ponder regarding what you could provide a business school before planning to write MBA essays.

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