Why Take the SAT?

The SAT Suite of Assessments is essential for college enrollment in the US. It is a standardized test that evaluates aptitude and skill set in test takers and also allows one to apply for further studies in their chosen area of study. The SAT is also essential for merit-based scholarships.

Looking at the test in a bit more detail, the test covers three areas of assessment at the least, consisting of math, reading, writing and language. There is also the optional component of an essay. This translates into 3 hours of test-taking and 3 hours 50 minutes including the essay component.

A good SAT score opens the doors to higher education and will allow you the opportunity to apply to and study at esteemed colleges across the US. The preparation for the SAT test will also be a process of honing your skill set and allow you to exploit your strengths and work towards developing on your areas of improvement. The SAT has become essential for college admissions, now, and the harder you work on it, the better you do ahead in terms of college admission and also when you have been granted admission.

Ensuring good SAT scores also increases your chances of securing a good percentage in any scholarship you will apply to. A good SAT score assures the scholarship provider that their trust in your talent is well-put and they would naturally invest more in you. This is essential for lightening your financial load both when you are in college and after graduating from it. Imagine the freedom a graduate feels without a student loan to repay!

Another trend that is being increasingly noted is that many organizations are asking for SAT scores during their recruitment process. For them, it is an indicator of the hard work that the candidate is willing to or has the talent to apply. Higher SAT scores assure them that they are looking at the correct candidature.

SAT scores also serve the purpose of balancing out a low or average GPA. A good SAT score can ease out the wrinkle of a low GPA and will enhance your resume.

Looking at all these benefits, a good SAT score should be on your wishlist now

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