What do you gain by engaging in sports?

We are all aware of the benefits of engaging in sports. Sports not only helps us in keeping us fit, but also inculcates in us invaluable life skills such as confidence, discipline, patience, focus, leadership, team-skills and the ability to take a win and loss in equal strides.

Universities abroad understand this and thus value candidates who have had good involvement with sports related activities in their life. As you go on to pursue your studies abroad, you are expected to excel in a multicultural environment. The admissions committee understands that a person who has actively engaged in sports in his life is able to gel easily in a diverse environment. Sports teams often include players with varied backgrounds, culture, strengths and weaknesses. While interacting, learning and growth with such diversity, you are expected to evolve. You become a better team-player, a better leader and a great fellow to be with. These qualities get reflected through your admission essays and create a great impression on the admissions committee.

Sports also teaches one to handle adversities, challenges and hardships efficiently. It is not uncommon for players to feel stressed in case of tournaments and matches, but with time, they learn how to manage the pressure and deliver the best. These skills help them significantly as they face hardships while adjusting to a new environment abroad. Academic programs abroad often involve performing in a fast-paced environment and this is where the challenge handling, time-management and organizational abilities which one acquires through sports comes extremely handy.

As you engage in sports, you not only take a step towards leading a more fulfilling life and acquiring a better personality, but also a more glorious resume that surely attracts the admissions officers of international universities. So, go ahead and kick a ball or sway that tennis racket of yours today!

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