How to ace your admissions Video Essays?

video essay
How good of a writer are you? How do you best express yourself?

A good part of the students who apply to universities abroad may not be confident in their writing, or dry statistics, as this leaves very little room for expression of your true self. Before the admissions committees meet you (over a personal interview), these documents provide them insights into how you are as a person. And with the cut-throat competition in the top Ivy League schools in the world, it can be tough to stand out and be unique.

In this scenario, video essays are a great medium to stand out. If done right, they can be the most significant way to secure admission in your dream school. This is because video essays have come up in the modern times to the rescue of everyone. Many universities, including top schools, now have a separate video essay requirement. Some even provide students with a choice between writing an essay or recording a video essay. This helps the admissions committees and the student community. For the admissions committees, it opens up room for a broader and holistic assessment of potential candidates and helps them make the absolute right choice for their program. For students, it broadens the scope of how they can express themselves, essentially giving them a golden opportunity to shine. With questions ranging from anything like, ‘Why do you want to study in this university?’ to ‘What is the most played song on your phone?’, you can be sure that you are getting a fair shot at admissions.

Video essays typically vary from one university to another and thus are tough to categorise. But they do share a few common characteristics. You may or may not know the essay prompts beforehand (we will be discussing a few commonly asked questions in this blog!), but you get ample time to structure your thoughts, frame your answer, and record the video. If you want to re-record your answer, you have that option as well (albeit a finite number of times). Many top universities across the globe use video essays for assessment during admissions, like Northwestern Kellogg, INSEAD, Imperial College London, among others.

We have also compiled a list of most frequently asked questions in video essays for your reference-

  • Why have you chosen this University?
  • What are your job responsibilities?
  •  What challenges do you face in your current Job role?
  • Why this program at this stage?
  • What are your long term and short-term goals? How will the program help you in achieving them?
  • What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can you contribute to the environment of our university?
  • What do you enjoy doing the most besides work and why?
  • How would you introduce yourself to your classmates?
  • Tell me 3 good things about yourself
  • What are the clubs and activities you would like to attend at our University?

Wondering how to structure your thoughts, frame your answer in the best manner possible, and ace the essay? Continue reading for our expert tips on how you can give you best-

  • Understand the assignment- Read, read and reread the question multiple times. In essays, it is incredibly easy to stray off-course. This makes it crucial to stick to the topic and be relevant. If the question is about how you can contribute to the university, then understand that the adcom may not want to know about your past experience in lengthy detail, but would want you to focus on their university ecosystem and how you will leverage that to grow.
  • You’re the hero- Always keep in mind that although you can talk about famous quotes, people, and inspiration, the central hero of your essay is you. Instead of how others have lived their lives, focus on what you have learnt from them. You are the central component and the one being judged, so it is important to showcase your journey.
  • Start strong- Although you will be getting a fair assessment, how you start the video will dictate the adcom’s interest in you. Remember to start off with an interesting incident, or your role model, or how you first discovered your passion, and so on.
  • Do your research- When applying to top universities abroad, it is expected of serious candidates that they would have thoroughly researched why they want to study a certain program at a certain school. How do you intend to leverage the specific resources of the university for your benefit? How does this program suit your career goals? All these are questions that you need to research thoroughly. 
  • Don’t memorise- Yes! You read that right! The entire point of the video essay is to understand more about you as a person and professional, and memorising a script that you would have prepared and will parrot back, may not go well with admissions officers. This does not mean we are saying don’t go in without a game plan. But instead of memorising, try to inculcate the habit of structuring your thoughts and answers. Have milestones and checkpoints to regulate your thoughts and talk freely (Cue cards may help as well!).

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