How to successfully book a US Visa Interview slot? 3 tips to save invaluable time

US Visa

Done with the admissions process and have the I20 in hand?

As you might know, what comes next is the complex maze of the US visa process. The process which starts with the long and detailed DS160 form and culminates with the visa interview. What lies between is perhaps the most time consuming part of the process, looking for a US Visa interview appointment slot. 

You are probably aware of how difficult it is to obtain a US Visa appointment in India due to the huge demand. In recent months, the US Consulates in India arranged a few conversations to discuss the prospects for visa appointments for F-1 Visa.

Mr. Don Heflin, the director of the US Consulates in India, explained how the F1 Visa interview slots and appointments would operate for applicants for the Fall 2022 intake. 

The most F1 visa appointments will be scheduled for this current year 2022, in accordance with our knowledge and information acquired from the official social media releases by the US Consulate. The most important thing that the US Consulate has stated is that there won’t be a lack of visa slots for candidates who are having their first interview. As for the candidates whose visa applications have been rejected before, might however, have trouble securing a visa slot.

At this stage, team EdElevate has compiled some helpful tips for students applying for an F-1 visa for the Fall of 2022, given the current situation- 

  1. Request Schools to Issue I20 Soon: Since it is difficult to secure an appointment time, the US Consulate advises F1 applicants to request schools to issue the I-20 as soon as possible in order to schedule and attend F1 visa appointments. 
  1. Continue to check for the visa dates in different locations: Consider this example, if you are in Delhi NCR and can book a visa appointment slot in Kolkata or Chennai, go ahead and take it. Don’t be afraid to spend a little additional money on travel because it is all counts towards the investment you are making in your higher education.
  1. Emergency Visa Appointments: If your school is starting shortly and there are no available appointment times, you can request for expedited visa dates and such requests are considered on a case-to-case basis at the US Embassy. Keep in mind that we advise you to obtain the earliest possible appointment. The US Embassy advises making an Emergency appointment request only if necessary and they take each request under consideration individually. 

Bonus tip to remember: Students and exchange students who are 60 days or less from their program’s start date are the only ones who can apply for the Emergency Visa. Additionally, it is only open to candidates who have not previously been denied a visa by a U.S. embassy or consulate during the previous six months.

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