So you have resolved to follow your heart and are set to embark upon a new journey. Undergraduate studies in USA are your calling and if you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

UG in USA consultants EdElevate have complied a complete check list for Indian students who are heading for a UG in USA. For the sake of convenience we will separated this blog into 2 separate categories,

  • Pre application Concerns – application and eligibility
  • Application needs–academic records, standardized tests, LOR etc.


EverUG in USAy accomplishment starts with the decision to try

So take the first step towards accomplishing your dream step, by applying . There are 3 ways in which you can apply for a UG in USA,

  1. Apply for forms via email– Most universities have their forms on the website which can be completed online to request for application material.
  2. Apply for forms via air mail– You can also place a request for sending you the application material via air mail. This must include a small description of you educational background, your purpose and goals etc.
  3. Down load the form from the concerned University website– Certain Universities have a downloadable form. These are in a ready to print form and can be filled up just like a regular form.



If you wish to pursue undergraduate studies in USA, you need to complete 12 years of elementary and secondary education or simply class 12th of the Indian context. This includes the school certificate, Higherschool certificate, All India School Certificate.


Application Requirement:

  • Academic Records – The report cards or any other transcripts of the exams are supposed to be submitted. The education committees of USA will obviously be keen to know how you faired in your own educational set up. Therefore it is mandatory to have the report cards duly signed by the school officials like the principal, counsellor or the headmaster. The academic records are supposed to reflect your achievements and highlight your innate strengths and capabilities.
  • Standardized tests:

Following are some tests which are mandatory for the Indian students who wish to apply to the US for a UG program.

  1. TOEFL
  2. SAT 1
  3. SAT 2
  4. ACT – required at a selected few universities only


  • Letter of Recommendation:

Letter of Recommendation given byan authority such a teacher or someone who has taught you plays a very crucial role when you go seeking admission for a UG in USA. Many Universities have their own style and format of questions that have to be answered by the concerned higher authority.

  • Statement of Purpose :

Efforts and courage are not enough without a purpose and direction”John F Kennedy.

A personal statement of purpose submitted by you should include the reasons why you choose a particular course. The university you choose should be in sync with your personal aspirations as well as your career goals.

  • Financial Backup – Pursuing a dream of studying abroad is by no means an easy dream and usually comes at a high cost. If you wish to ask for grants or financial help from the Universities, you must submit the financial aid application. You will be asked to submit your family’s financial resources and standing so that the prospective college can have a better and clearer understanding of your profile. This means bank statements and other financial documents should be shared for visa purposes too.
  • Interviews– Last but definitely not the least is the interview sessions conducting in a few colleges. In order to ace your interview, you must honeyour skills and plan a strategy. You must stop believing in luck and start by believing in yourself.

In a world that is churning all around us, it can at times seem over whelming to choose the right direction or path. So when in self-doubt or in need of guidance about undergraduate studies in USA, head straight to the best undergraduate admission consultants in Delhi, EdElevate.




















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