With a squad of UG in USA consultants in Delhi,EdElevate is at the forefront of their game and help students in realizing their dream of undergraduate studies in USA. “The future depends on what you today” said the great Mahatma Gandhi. Just like any other dream in life, the dream of pursuing a UG in USA too needs the right preparation, perseverance along with hard work.

As one of the best consultants for UG admission in USA, EdElevate helps aspirUndergradaute Studies in USAants right from profile building since class 11th onwards, to analysis of the academic and SAT scores right up to application and documentation needed at the best colleges in USA.

Out of the 154 US Universities, 30 of them are ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.This is why millions of students head to the US shores with the goal of pursuing an UG course.  SAT is required by almost all the top UG Universities in USA along with that you need SOP, LORs, essay, resume and of course an approved student visa.

Let us look at the list of the top ten universities for UG in USA.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has consistently been ranked as the first in the world for four years in a row. With a renowned and prestigious alumni department, MIT is popular for courses such as engineering, biology, economics and management.
  • Harvard University is one of the oldest institutions for higher education and ranked 2ndin the world for its overall performance. Medicine and Life sciences are its most popular courses.
  • Stanford University boasts of an alumni and faculty group made of founders of internationally successful companies like Google, Yahoo, Nike and Instagram. It is ranked 3rd after University of Cambridge and MIT amongst its international students.
  • California Institute of Technology(Caltech) has been ranked 5th in the world with recognition in fields such of Science and Engineering. With only 2200 students, it retains its place as the 8th best university in the field of natural science.
  • Princeton University was established in 1746 and is prestigious in the fields of arts and humanities. The university’s prestigious alumnus includes US presidents Woodrow Wilson and James Madison apart from many other famous personalities.
  • Yale University, one of the older US universities founded in 1701, is ranked 15th in the world. Many notable people have graduated from this University, including five of the US presidents and 13 billionaires.
  • Pennsylvania University was founded by none other one of USA‘s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. It ranks 18thin the world with its most popular courses being in the fields of life science and medicine.
  • Berkeley (Cal), situated near the San Francisco Bay, extends some of the excellent UG courses and is a hub of liberal student activism.
  • University of Dakota is named as one of the nation’s best Universities by the Princeton Review for the 16th year in a row. One of its most popular courses is Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  • New York University(NYU) has an undergraduate enrollment of 25,722 students and provides academic quality and students’ satisfaction.

With such a large pool of world’s top universities, it is no wonder Indian students seek UG admission in USA.  These universities welcome the aspirants for undergraduate studies in USA from across the world.  Many universities have special courses and programs designed especially for its international crowd.  With over fifteen years of experience in this domain, EdElevate is a trusted name amongst the UG in USA consultants in Delhi.  So, contact us for all your study abroad needs.






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