Tech Career Post MBA – An exciting option

The technology field is becoming an increasingly popular choice for MBA candidates. If one has experience in the technology industry then post MBA they can take up the role of a Product Manager, who is primarily responsible for defining the tech products that shape human lives.

An MBA without experience in the technology industry can have a lucrative career in a tech firm by taking up a functional role, such as that of an operations manager, marketing manager, finance manager or sales manager.

The most sought-after post-MBA tech positions are those in which MBAs assume product management roles, working to develop the products and services that tech companies create.

A Product Manager is a leadership role which requires a management graduate to oversee the development of new technology or the market strategy of a cross-functional product team. As a deft leader, a Product Manager brings cross-functional teams within the organization together to bring new products to life.

This is a highly exciting role as the Product Manager is continuously involved with latest technological developments. The role is highly dynamic, and thus requires one to continuously update his knowledge and skills. The competition is high and so is the risk to be outdated. So, it’s necessary to stay updated all the time.

Time management, critical thinking and out of the box thinking skills are also crucial. The deadlines are often stringent and require diligence and dedication. Product management is a cross-functional domain. Thus, to excel as a tech leader, one needs to combine skills from more than one functional area to motivate his teams to meet tight timelines and stay on budget.

The benefits of having a career in the tech industry are immense. A role in product management provides one the opportunity to become a product expert. After a successful tenure as a Product Manager one becomes eligible for a wide variety of general management careers, such as manufacturing, consumer products, finance, and energy as well. The professional development opportunities in operations, marketing, and corporate strategy while pursuing this role is also high. The tech industry is a highly prestigious industry and offers attractive packages. While working in the tech industry, one is likely to get the opportunity to work with the brightest talents in the world. This leads to extensive learning and growth.

After a successful tenure as a Product Manager for two to four years, one can look forward to getting promoted as an Assistant Director. An Assistant Director is usually responsible for the operational management of a department. They are the leaders who are responsible for executing the strategy behind new product rollouts, strategic business initiatives, and business-to-business relationships. With time, after gaining experience and expertise in product management, strategizing, budgeting and innovation, one can aspire to achieve the positions of Director, Assistant Vice President and President within esteemed organizations. Thus, a Tech Career post MBA is surely a lucrative option if one possesses the right set of skills and a drive to excel!

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