Summer Activities to Strengthen your University Applications

If you ask the admission officer of any Top University, they will tell you the relevance of a ‘productive summer’ in strengthening the chances of your admissions. Admissions committee looks out for meaningful experiences and interesting encounters which make you stand in the crowd. In fact some college applications will have an additional section for you to list summer activities other than the main activity sheet. The admission officers are keen on knowing how you made your summer break productive.

Here are some of the ways you can spend your summer while strengthening your profile for a Top University:

Internship/Summer Job

Universities often value practical experiences and learning which students can get from internships and summer jobs and this can really impress the admissions committee. It is advisable to find a job or internship in the area you are interested in. Example, if fashion interests you, you can do an internship at a specific brand’s outlet; if writing interests you, you can take up an internship with a magazine or publishing house. Apart learning how to be a good employee, students often gain valuable leadership experience through an internship or summer job. Internships would also give you a taste of what your future job/career would look like and help you choose the correct major.


Apart from getting a summer job or internship, you always have an option to start something of your own. Some students start their own website while others start their own blog like a fashion or a travel blog. If you have some skills in crafts, baking, cooking etc., it can be a good idea to sell some of your self-made products in your locality.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are a way for you to develop your personality, learn new activities and garner some leadership experiences. Summer camps can range from dance camps to adventure camps. The challenges of successfully interacting with staff and campers can be good material for college admission essays.

Community Service

Summer time is the best time to volunteer and engage in many community service engagements. Community service can range from volunteering at an NGO to help underprivileged kids to starting up a cleanliness drive in your society with your friends. Always remember to engage in a community activity or a cause that you are passionate about. You don’t always have to volunteer at an orphanage or an old age home if you cannot resonate with that. You can also start online awareness campaigns for a cause you are passionate about. You could also volunteer for fundraiser activities organized by various NGO’s, the options are endless.

Taking up an online course/Short-term course

Summer holidays are an opportunity for students to take up extra courses for academic enrichment. Many students opt for taking online courses on platforms like coursera.com others take up short-term courses by enrolling themselves in institutions providing these courses. Students can take up a variety of courses to enhance their profile. These courses can be either related to the major you are aiming to pursue or simply something you are interested in. Such courses also help you to fill the gap in case you are not studying some subjects in high school but want to major in that at University.

Preparation for College Applications

In addition to other worthwhile activities, summer is a great time to take virtual campus tours online, refine your college list, make a spreadsheet with application components and deadlines, develop your resume and activity list, brainstorm essay prompts, write essays and prep for standardized tests.

Read a lot 

Whichever activities you intend to undertake this summer don’t forget read (A Lot !). Reading opens up your mind and introduces you to a world of new possibilities. Not to forget it helps you build on to your vocabulary. Reading books and magazines on the major you are intending to apply will help you incorporate more points in your essays. You should also read books on people that inspire you.

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