Study in USA: UG Major in Economics

UG-economicsFor all the international students who  ever had  the thought of “what is economics?” flashing on their on their mind ,then you are in the right track.

Although at first glance economics may seem to be all about money, but it is more than just money.There have been extreme changes seen in economics throughout the years. Economics is a very large field of study. Studying economics in US showcases the complex and supreme issues, like poverty, tax rates, and inflation. Earlier the field used to be associated with politics and morality, but with time it has developed into the study of scarcity and choice. In the course of studying economics you will also come across with many practical tools, such as being able to read statistics, make better financial decisions, and avoid logical fallacies. Moreover, a degree in economics can be used in nearly every aspect of your life.

What Degree Programs are offered at the Undergraduate Level?

If you’re an enthusiastic follower of national and international news or are keen about the business and finance sectors, then it might be beneficial looking into economic degrees. Undergraduate economics degrees are available both as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and  Bachelor of Science (BSc). Math is basically considered  as the only difference between these two degrees.

Bachelors of Arts in economic concentrates more on the on analysis and reading. Although, BA in Economics will still involve some mathematics, but usually combined with more qualitative modules, integrates liberal arts courses and has a foreign language requirement in contrast Bachelor of science in economics is likely to take in account more of math, statistical theory and techniques for the application of mathematics in economic theory.

Economics is also often offered as part of a joint or combined honors degree, paired with subjects including computer science, engineering, history, mathematics, modern languages, and politics. Change line

How to apply for an Undergraduate Economic Degree?

If  you have already made up your mind in terms of  seeking your future in the field of economics then don’t waste time and start the application process in order to avoid the chances of inconvience. Start preparing in time, as there are forms, tests, essays, list of extra curricular activities that need to be sent to universities months before you plan on actually attending. Moving ahead the students are demanded to entail the SAT or the ACT test. International students are also asked to take TOEFL and IELTS tests.

Top Schools for getting an Economic Degree

It is very beneficial for the international students studying in the US as  7 of the 10 best schools of economics in the world are placed in America. Listed below are the schools which are claimed as the 7 best schools, according to  a  study by the website QS Intelligence Unit (www.iu.qs.com) :

  • Princeton
  • Yale
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Berkeley
  • Stanford
  • MIT
  • Harvard

Career Options with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

Sounds very resourceful for the international students to take up economics as it is indicated that graduates with an economic degree tend to have higher average earnings as compared to the other social science group.  A study took up by Georgetown University  manifested  that economics graduates in the US earned a median $70,000. Therefore, the skills you will acquire from the degree of economics will make a pitch to all kinds of well paying and accomplished careers. Eventually a wide array of job exist for graduates with an economic bachelor degree such as economist, investment banking analyst, data analyst, marketing manager, auditor, teacher and many other business, government, and academic jobs.