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Stanford Global School of Business–SGSB provides incomparable opportunities which would enable you to have a successful career and create a sway. The Stanford Global School of Business web site specifies the 3 most significant criterions for selecting candidates for the Master of Business Administration Programme: intellectual vitality, demonstrated leadership potential, and individual qualities and accomplishments. Stanford Global School of Business constructs the assessment on the basis of the totality of data accessible. No single element — whether it is your test scores, essays, performances in college, work experience, letters of reference or interviews are conclusive. They view all the applications comprehensively and consider various components, for example, your experience, background, points of view, fit with Stanford Global School of Business & its MBA Programme, qualities, aspirations and achievements.

We shall first take a view at the first criteria: intellectual vitality, which implies that you have a mind which is energized and animated. You are curious, and your enthusiasm to locate another way takes you to locations others dread to go. In evaluating intellectual vitality, SGSB trusts that your demeanor towards learning is as critical as your aptitude. Stanford Global School of Business is of the view that the application of students would reveal their commitment, passion and honest enthusiasm in extending intellectual limits. The second trait is “demonstrated leadership qualities.” As a candidate of Stanford Global School of Business, you have to demonstrate that you have effectively utilized a capacity to inspire your group to accomplish authoritative goals. As SGSB makes a review of student’s application, they are thinking about your leadership potential as revealed via your own character and professional competence. The 3rd criterion is close to personal qualities & accomplishments. To see how students would add to and take advantage from the University community, Stanford Global School of Business has to know the identity of students, i.e., who you are and not just what you have done. The ambitions, dreams, passions, beliefs, experiences and interests would assist to create the Stanford community.

While there is no single professional or academic background most suited for the Master of Business Administration Programme, admitted students have a tendency to have creative instincts, sound analytical aptitudes, and solid performance in managing projects, procedures, or individuals.

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