Sahil Dadwal

Meet Sahil Dadwal-A mountaineer by passion. IT expert by profession. Entrepreneur by vision.

When he approached us for his MBA Admission Process, he had a fair idea about his goals. Having trekked some of the most perilous peaks of India, he was aware of the perils of such expeditions and thus harboured the desireof setting up a travel firm that not only made travelling in the mountains safer but also brought business for the denizens of far flung villages in the arduous but scenic mountainous regions of India.

He was already equipped with a strong background in IT and it surely confuses our programmed minds to think beyond the convention and explore diverse options in life. But, thankfully, we at EdElevate are always looking for unique ways to present a usual candidature to the admissions committee and through interactions with him we soon realized that his passion is the major driving force for his MBA education and that’s what we needed to communicate to the admission committee to make him stand out.

And that’s what we did. Through collaborative efforts we created compelling essays which made the adcom of University of Arizona (Eller) Eller identify the uniqueness of Sahil. Though his accomplishments in the field of IT must have impressed them, highlighting this aspect of his candidature got him SELECTED for their coveted MBA program with 100% SCHOLARSHIP

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