Retaking the GMAT- Is it worthwhile?

gmatAfter putting a lot of hard work, you went ahead and appeared for your GMAT. You scored as per your expectations in the mock tests, but when the actual scores came out, you were not that glad. Now, the thought of retaking the GMAT is haunting you. Now, first of all be informed that you are not alone to contemplate retaking the GMAT. This thought crosses the mind of almost every aspiring MBA who is keen to make it to the top B-schools of the world.

Amidst this battle of thoughts, hope our take on the subject would help you. We strongly advocate retaking the GMAT. The primary reason for this is that the admissions committees of the top B-Schools of the world, say ‘YES’ to multiple attempts to GMAT. They want the candidates to do their best.

If you remain satisfied with your score and make no attempt to improve it, you are surely not going to impress the admissions committee. The drive to attempt a challenge with renewed vigour and come out as a winner is always appreciated by the admissions committee. Your perseverance and diligence would earn you extra points. Even if your score does not improve the second or third time, your efforts would be appreciated; two attempts are always better than one.

The admissions committees have another reason to advocate retaking the GMAT by candidates. While calculating their class average, they consider the candidates’ highest GMAT scores. A high class average improves their MBA rankings. This way, along with giving yourself another chance to improve your score, by retaking the GMAT and achieving a higher score, you help your target B-School to boost its ranking.

Though we advocate retaking the GMAT, it is advisable to not go beyond four attempts without significant improvement in your scores. In such a case, it would be better if you focus on your efforts in strengthening the other aspects of your application.

Once you have made up your mind about retaking the GMAT exam, undertake extensive preparation. Analyse thoroughly what went wrong at the previous attempt; which were the areas that challenged you more; were you able to devote enough time to your preparation; would an online preparation help you save time and prepare more devotedly etc. Evaluate every aspect of your preparation, create a schedule and follow it strictly to combat the exam with enhanced confidence, strategy, knowledge, and preparedness.

Even though your GMAT score is only one criterion to be considered in making admissions decisions, you must strive to achieve your maximum potential in every aspect of your MBA application process. So, retaking the GMAT is a definite ‘YES’ at all times.

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