Resume Revamp: Importance of transfigured duties into accomplishments

It’s a good idea to revamp the resume by re-designing and formatting your resume – that template you used in Microsoft Word . It’s not just the formatting and design that should be polished and catchy. The actual matter on the resume plays an important role too. Thus,your resume should state your accomplishments and not your job responsibilities, if you really want to revamp your resume in order to get noticed.

Your resume empowers you to potray your best accomplishments and accomplishment statements are the best way to exhibit the amazing things you’ve done at your past jobs. Employers and Admission Officers seek for achievers, candidates who go above and outwith their job duties hence employers want to take a chance on such candidates.

But the question arises why many resumes are still static and demonstrates nothing but just job descriptions? The answer to this may be, converting from job duties to accomplishments seems to be a tough task but once you will get through it then automatically the attention will be drawn towards your resume. So, here are few tips by which you can revamp your resume and can present your accomplishments in the best possible way.

Your resume shouldn’t be plain and simple describing your job duties instead it should narrate your professional story clearly, concisely, and in a manner that keeps the Admission Officer’s attention. A great resume dynamizes and develops the interest of the reader. Add success stories and turn your job duties into high impact accomplishments to your resume by doing this the matter on your resume speaks volume and which in turn grabs the attention of the epmployer.

Pen down all the accomplishments: Pull all your accomplishments and start collating down your attainments, success stories ,feats, contributions that make you stand out among other candidates . This in turn will improve the standards of your resume .

Paint your resume with captivating language and figures: The quality of language and content can make or break your resume so make sure you use expressive and striking words that should jump off the page. Such vivid and desprective words also helps in creating a powerful message. Apart from this, quantify your accomplishments by adding as many facts, figures, and digits like how many people were impacted by your work, list how many projects were undertaken by you etc. Therefore resume should include both quality and quantity.

Why to change duties into accomplishments?

It will be very beneficial for you if you structure your resume in a such a way that it focus more of accomplishments as this is the best way to present what you can do and set up for your next success: touching down a great new job. Resume should promulgate the best of what you have conquered in your career. By doing this , you clearly communicate not only what you are capable of,but also the direct benefit the employer will receive by hiring you.

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