Radhika Gulati shares her experience at Babson College

How easy or difficult was it for you to crack the admission to Babson College?

I believe that nothing is too difficult if your approach is correct. I ensured I was talking to the right people inside and outside of Babson College to gain maximum perspective of my application.

What all did you do to make sure that you make a successful application? Was it a cake-walk or you had any hiccups?

It is very important that a) the college understands the applicant without meeting him/her b) the applicant understands the college’s decorum in order to justify himself/herself as the right fit in the institution- both personally and academically.

What do you think stood out in your application the most?

I think it was my essay that persuaded my application as a strong one. I aligned my personal, academic and professional goals in one direction in order to convince them as a right fit at the world’s number one entrepreneurship college.

How did you tackle your essays?

Again, I ensured that I was putting a very personal touch to my professional goals. I spoke a lot about how my childhood experiences led me to take up entrepreneurship in general. I made it creative, yet clean.

Did you apply to other schools and get acceptances from there as well?

Yes, I got accepted at University of Michigan. However, my application at Babson was an Early Decision so I Withdrew/stopped applying elsewhere.

How was the experience at Babson?

Babson was the best and most impactful phase of my life. It made me grow as a person and fed my inner entrepreneur constantly!

How is the University life at Babson College? Share some insights.

The campus is far from the city so you find a lot of students complaining about not having the typical “city-life”. However, Babson as a whole is a complete experience of student clubs, sports, entrepreneurial ventures, fraternities, sororities, etc.



 What have you done post your entrepreneurship degree at Babson?

I worked as a Senior Executive- New Initiatives& Strategic Partnerships at Snapdeal (India) for a year and recently launched my entrepreneurial venture, Rosarté- India’s first Couture Chocolate brand.

Did the University train you well ?

More than well. All our projects involved working with real companies in real time which helped in preparing students optimally.

What are your future plans?

I look forward to pursue Rosarté and grow it further in retail. Babson as a whole, entrepreneurially and academically has nurtured me in a positive zone. I am so proud of being a part of the Babson alumni network too, which is terrifically supportive.

Any words of wisdom for prospective students who are looking to apply in Top Business School?

Stay as real as possible in your applications. Understand yourself first as to why you will be the right fit for the college and you will see that the college will not need much convincing. All the best!

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