The mighty USA is one of the most preferred and sought after destinations when it comes to studying abroad. This however does not take away the fact that pursuing the dream of undergraduate studies in USA comes at a humongous cost.undergraduate studies in usa

EdElevate is a renowned UG in USA consultants based in Delhi. EdElevate helps the students is assessing a broad range of study costs at various colleges and Universities in USA. Shifting base to pursue a Undergraduate studies in USA seems like an overwhelming and daunting task, but a little research on the funding options can go a long way in knowing how to pay for UG in USA.

If we look at the finances on a broader level, it can be categorised in two ways, the Pre- departure and the Post departure costs.

  • Pre departure costs include the exams fees, university application fees and the visa application fees.
  • Post departure fees include the college fees, tuition fees, living costs and the miscellaneous costs.

On an average studying a UG course at a top tier US university is likely to cost you anywhere between $8,000 to 17,000 depending on certain factors such as tuition fees and scholarships .However the public sector Universities have two tuition fees rates and are considerably low. Also most of the top notch US Universities offer funding opportunities to the students looking to study UG courses in USA. For example at the top University of USA, MIT gives financial aid to over 91% of its students. Even Caltech is providing aid to 60% of the students studying there. The giant Universities such as Harvard and Pennsylvania have special allocated funds for international undergraduate students.Yale University for instance awarded an average of $54, 954 to a total of 336 international students.

Also a handful of niche and prestigious colleges offering UG in USA have a “need blind” window in their admission process. This implies that the financial back ground of the prospective student is dispensed with and the University vows provide the student with sufficient aid and adequate provisions. It has now become legally mandatory for all the US Universities to include the fees and financial aid on their respective websites.

Another important aspect of undergraduate studies in USA is the provision of scholarships provided to the students. This can help you in taking off a considerable amount of financial strain and stress.

Apart from scholarships and tuition fees, things like living area and miscellaneous expenditures such as money spend on health insurance, books etc. can vary from student to student. Most students prefer to take up accommodation on a sharing basis since it is a good way to minimize your living expenses. On an average one can easily manage a comfortable stay around$400 to $500 per month. Books usually will come around $ 1000 per year and some also prefer to take it from their seniors. As for the health insurance, most Universities waiver off their own if the students’ private insurance policy is in sync with the Universities standards.

You can also cut down on the costs of studying and staying in the USA by looking for on campus and part time jobs.

So, in a nutshell there are various ways and means on how to pay for a UG in USA.  Take professional help from EdElevate because it is worth your while to know all the facts on fees and funding options before you take the plunge of studying UG in USA .








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