3 top tips to increase your chances of receiving scholarships for MBA/Masters programs 

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Are you planning to study abroad? Or have you decided to take the lead and are not aiming to get into your dream colleges? No matter what stage you may be in, the expenses you will potentially incur are a big aspect in this journey. This is evident from the fact that most people base their decisions on the costs involved.

Studying a MBA/Masters program at top universities in the United States can be extremely expensive and difficult to afford, especially with the US dollar trading above INR 80 per dollar. One thing that will aid your dream in this scenario are scholarships. And the good news is that merit scholarships are available at top business schools, and students can expect to receive up to 100% of their tuition if the process is followed correctly. To help potential candidates for studying abroad, EdElevate has compiled a list of useful tips to improve your chances of receiving a scholarship.

  1. Apply soon: It is never too early to start! We tell all of our students about this. Because programs have a limited amount of money to disburse, applying in the first, second, or priority rounds is the best option. Schools want to fill their classes with well-rounded students, and they are more likely to use scholarships to accomplish this earlier in the process. The funds are depleted by round 3 or the regular deadline, leaving little or no money to give away.
  1. Make an impression and excel in as many areas as possible: Top schools seek applicants who are well-rounded. It is critical for both admission and scholarship considerations that your application essays and profile tell a compelling story, with a particular emphasis on how you can contribute to the chosen programme and add value to the campus environment. Edelevate advises all of its students to focus on multiple areas, from a strong GMAT/GRE or EA to creating value for your workplace to boosting your community and extra-curricular activities.
  1. Thoroughly research the program and reach out to your target schools: Someone who has spent significant time researching the ecosystem of the target schools—understanding the clubs, activities, and myriad possibilities, and striking up a good rapport with the admission representatives—clearly improves their chances of admission and scholarship. As a result, EdElevate advises students to attend as many virtual and in-person sessions as possible in order to increase their chances of making the cut and receiving a scholarship. Connecting with current students and members of the Alumni Association is beneficial. After all, putting in the time and effort will help you learn more about the school’s ecosystem and, eventually, create compelling essays.

EdElevate’s expert guidance

Our expert counsellors at EdElevate will guide you and help you throughout your application process with our unique offering customised admission mentoring based on your interests, with coverage of the best colleges in every discipline. Right from choosing the best study abroad option for you to mentor you, to building a strong profile, we offer a variety of services to assist students in realising their dream of study abroad.

Apart from offering mentorship to students, we provide assistance in crucial admission processes including shortlisting universities based on the student’s unique profile and area of interest, essay ideation and brainstorming, essay review, reference letter and resume reviews, interview preparation sessions, and more.

With all of these advantages, EdElevate is the greatest place for you to join and work toward your dream of studying abroad and establishing a successful profession.

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