MBA Resume: How to Impress the Adcom

The MBA resume is a significant document to be attached along with your b-school application. An MBA resume which is written well could provide your b-school application a major lift. On account of a large number of applications which the Adcom has to review, most of the members of the Adcom would only give an MBA resume a fast fifteen-second. Hence your attempt should be to not only make a great impression in the first place, you but you also have to make it really quick.

There are several approaches to be adopted in MBA resume writing which highlights your aptitudes strategically and makes your qualifications and above all you as a candidate to be better than the rest. At the highest level, MBA resume writing ought to include academic, professional and extra segments which highlight the distinctive arenas of your candidacy. Put your most strong material in the 2 inch visual space which starts around 2 5/8 inches at the top portion of your resume. Make use of a professional qualifications or profile segment in the prime time space of your resume to provide the adcom member a fast however solid view of your accomplishments and aptitudes. Provide the most importance to your latest job position. Analyse your influence on the companies you worked for. Give careful consideration to the design of your resume as you would do with its content. Incorporate professional certifications or licenses, honors, presentations, patents, publications and the suited volunteer experiences in your resume. Write your education after the experience section. Edit and proofread thoroughly. Write a 2-page resume if suitable.


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