MBA in USA for Indian Students

Bright and competent post graduate Indian students looking to study abroad is not a new phenomenon. For decades now Indian parents and students have aspired for an overseas education MBA in USA for Indian Studentsespecially MBA program in USA. The quality and strength of the university and the program that one pursues plays a major role in shaping ones future career path.  The demand for an MBA in USA for Indian students is on a constant rise as there are innumerable benefits of studying MBA in USA.

A full time MBA program in USA is a general management degree which aims at giving the student a complete and detailed understanding of how businesses across the globe function and how the business leaders rise to meet the challenges and ever changing circumstances of the business world. Usually a traditional MBA in USA for Indian students is a one year course.  Despite all the doom and gloom which surrounds the world economy, universities in USA are actively seeking and providing MBA in USA for international students. India is an emerging economy where the opportunities of achieving a highest grade MBA degree are limited.  Thus MBA in USA for Indian students has seen a meteoric rise. One of the major benefits of studying MBA in USA is that their overall academic conditions are way better than ours.  Some of the top MBA universities in USA are world renowned as they guarantee a degree which is more valued globally. Their program modules are flexible, their departments are better classified and the laboratories have a higher scope of cultural blend and research.

 Provision of MBA scholarships for Indian Students in USA is another enticing factor and is seen as a major benefits of studying MBA in USA .In lean and economically challenging times, getting financial aid becomes extremely crucial and difficult. Most of the Top MBA universities in US Universities offer tuition assistance in form of tuition waivers, scholarship programs, graduate and teaching assistant ship and so on. Private Institutes offering MBA programs in USA put together a financial package for strong and viable applicants.

 As an MBA in USA eligibility, preference is given candidates with 16 years of undergraduate education. Most of the Universities require a minimum of two to three years of work experience. GMAT is required by almost all of the top colleges offering MBA program in USA and the students who wish to pursue MBA in a US business school must aim at a high GMAT score. A fairly simple exam for students who have studied in English medium, TOEFL is another requirement of almost all universities. The minimum score may range between 550 and 600 for TOEFL.

Some students see the prospect of studying MBA in USA as a direct ticket to immigration. Data from the US National Science Foundation’s Survey shows that 80% of students who complete their PhD’s and MBA Program in USA, remain in USA itself. As a host country USA makes it very easy and convenient for the international students to remain back, boosting their “stay rate” and eventually leading to the much talked about ‘brain drain’.

 MBA in USA for Indian students is the need of the hour for the career oriented students as it allows specialization within a field.  So don’t think twice to opt for a MBA program in USA since there are only options in life, make progress or make excuses.

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