Tackling the MBA Admissions Interview

Getting a call for an interview at B-school clearly translates into you having cleared a preliminary round of selection. Well done! Thinking about the interview is enough to get your nerves worked up. However, if you are prepared well for the interview, you will breeze through this too.

The interview can cause concern due to various reasons: you may not be comfortable with face-to-face discussions and prefer written communication; on the other hand, you may also be worried about the interview, thinking about how it could be a make or break ground for your admission process. All these fears will be alleviated if seek help of the best MBA admission consultants.  Here are some ways EdElevate suggests you to prepare yourself to tackle the MBA admissions interview:MBA in USA

  • List things you think you may be asked: Prepare a detailed list of things that you may think the interviewer could ask you. Do a thorough analysis of your Resume. This will give you pre-formulated talking points on topics that may come up during your interview.
  • Do a mock interview: Call someone who’s inspired you to do an MBA (or someone who’s had extensive corporate experience) for this. Allow them to prepare for this interview by sharing your write-ups and open-ended answers that you would’ve shared with the B-school. This will allow the interviewer (albeit mock) to plan their own questions and line of thought. This interaction will be enriching, provide you insights into possible questions, and also tell you about what to need to prepare further for tackling the real interview.
  • Connect with alumni: During your application process, you would’ve surely got in touch with the B-school alumni to know more about their experiences. Keep in touch with them and ask them what their experience at this interview was like. However, it is key that this information is sifted and then internalized since no two opinions of the same experience are the same. A question that may have disarmed them may be your area of expertise and you may face it.
  • Be clear and objective about why you want to pursue MBA: A question almost always asked is why you would want to take up the course. Your answer to this should be well-thought out and portray objective goals that you would’ve set for your career. A clear vision of the future as you want it is impressive.
  • Prepare to remain composed: You may be nervous before the interview but remember to calm yourself in the flow of things as the interview begins. You’re already there and the wisest thing to do would be to give it your best. All those years of planning and study would come to fruition here.

While the thought of the interview and the experience may be a daunting one, remember that tackling the MBA admission interview well is essential. One of the panelists may well turn out to be your mentor in your MBA career ahead! So, contact EdElevate, your MBA admission consultant in Delhi.



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