MBA Admission Essays

Getting admission to a B-school of your choice is what your dreams are made of and one of the first steps to achieving this dream is to prepare a perfect admission essay that encapsulates your ambitions, how you plan to achieve them, and who you are as a person. While you can choose to pen this down by yourself, an MBA application essay consultant can greatly ease out the process and refine your thoughts, thereby steering you toward the path of success.

Admission essays of yore were formally worded and contained text; however, changing times have seen change in terms of acceptance of these essays as well. Now, MBA admission essays contain text, graphs, slideshows, and other forms of pictorial representation. The language should be interesting and communicative (respectfully worded, though!) and should aim to provide the assessor a glimpse into the applicant’s life, actions, and motivations.

Remember that these essays will create the first impression and if you move ahead in the process, the quality of these essays would always play a major role to adjudge your fitment to the field of study and the B-school you are applying to. Ensure that your thoughts are clear, logically arranged, and far-sighted. Create a picture for the assessor to view the future you have planned out for yourself. You may want to proactively tell them where you see yourself a decade from now. In case there are organizations you aspire to be employed with, leaders who inspire you, or business process improvements you would like to propose, remember to list them all down here.

Embark on this process of writing by listing down your thoughts; this collection of thoughts itself may take time to prepare. You will go on to edit this ahead with the aid of one of the top MBA consultants, so do not hesitate to list down all thoughts at this point. Note down your passions and unique characteristics about you. Most importantly, spend some time thinking about how peers in the B-school would benefit by having you around. What is it that makes you stand apart from the crowd? Think deep and ensure that your points are not superfluous or exaggerated. Nothing shines through falsity and at a platform like the one you’re applying for, it is best to prepare well in advance without inflating any information. However, this does not mean you play down your skill set. More often than not, while most of us are active doers, we fall short while identifying our own strengths and weaknesses. Finally, in case you have had academic or personal setbacks that would have shaped your personality, remember to not leave them out. Your assessors will believe your statements to be truer if they’re more balanced.

An MBA essay writing consultant can help you in all this regard. While you know yourself best, they will provide the much-needed objective perspective to the thoughts, structure, and language of the essay. They have handled many essays over the years, so go ahead and trust the experts!

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