Kamakshi Malhotra shares her experience of studying at Georgia Institute of Technology

How easy or difficult was it for you to crack the admission at Georgia Institute of Technology?

It honestly wasn’t too hard. The application process is always complicated and elaborate and you have to be prepared to write a lot of the same things multiple times while also making them seem tweaked to a particular college.  Georgia Tech was the same. I had to make my essay’s more relevant to the school and what it has to offer but the rest of the process was pretty alright.


What all did you do to make sure that you make a successful application? Was it a cake-walk or you had any hiccups?

I made sure I started early so that there was enough time to fine-tune things. That worked to my advantage and I kept going back to make edits to my original answers, making them more personal with anecdotes and out-of-the-box examples.

How did you go about writing your essays ? Do you think it helps to start writing early ?

Absolutely. I know of people who leave it to the last minute and it certainly works against them. The more time you spend on these applications, essays in particular, the better it is for your application. For my essay for Georgia Tech, I tried to be personable and take a strong stand while not shying away from reflecting on my vulnerabilities in certain situations.


What do you think stood out in your application the most?

More than anything else, I made sure I wasn’t writing the essay with any concerns about how the person reviewing it might conceive it or what he might make of it. While writing, I let my ideas flow and the first draft, though un-presentable, was an honest attempt. Later while fine-tuning it, I kept the honest messages and improved the grammar and language flow.


Did you apply to other schools and get acceptances from there as well?

Yes. I applied to 6 colleges overall and got acceptances from 5.


How was the experience at Georgia Tech?

If I could go back and live it another million times, it wouldn’t be enough. They were most certainly the best, and most fulfilling, 4 years I could’ve had.


How is the University life at Georgia Tech? Share some insights.

It’s great, just like you expect college life to be. There are all sorts of options to cater to the different types of personalities Tech is home to. From academic talks and various educational tours to social events and cultural festivals, there’s something for everybody. People are really friendly and make college feel like a second home.

 What are you doing post your Degree?

I’m working in the corporate world, for Schneider Electric in Singapore. My job is that of a corporate strategy manager.

Did the University train you well ? Would you recommend the University to other Students ?

Absolutely, it sure did. I am now prepared to not only work hard at anything I assume responsibility for, but I can also speak persuasively to co-workers who many more years of experience behind them than I do. As a recent college graduate, exposed to the several technological advancements in the world today, Tech has made me capable of bringing a fresh, new perspective to the table in any situation I am faced with.


What are your future plans?

I want to make the most of this opportunity and learn as much as I can from Schneider and my colleagues. After a few months, I want to study further and do an MBA from a really good school, following which I would like to start my own business and grow it to a point where its not just economical but also socially impactful.

Any words of wisdom for prospective students who are looking to apply to top school in USA?

Most people do the mistake of applying to those colleges that satisfy some kind of rankings that they deem meaningful and significant. However, every individual fits different settings differently. A big state school, in the middle of a big cities hustle, with an extremely challenging course load and a majority of engineers/ nerds, might not be the best setting for everyone despite it being ranked in the top in any academic ranking system you refer to.  Its important to first think about what matters to you and where you think you’ll be able to really grow into the person you envision yourself to be, and then pick and chose colleges that offer those kind of opportunities.

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