International Students Admission in USA

To Study in USA is a dream and an experience that can change a person forever. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” said Saint Augustine. EdElevate, study abroad consultants in Delhi, make millions realize their dreams of going through undergraduate studies in USA.International Students Admissions in USA

Education system of USA is an extremely flexible and diverse system. There are multiple choices for international students’ admissions in USA. Most colleges and universities have a very holistic approach when we speak of undergraduate admissions for international students in USA. They welcome applications of international students and appreciate the diversity and vibrancy that international students carry with them when they go to study in USA.

As a study abroad consultants in Delhi, EdElevate endeavours in providing step by step guidance to the discerning students who are aiming to go through undergraduate studies in USA. With a panel of expert college counsellors and other education professionals, we focus on short listing the renowned institutions and colleges which are most appropriate for undergraduate studies in USA.   While applying for undergraduate studies in USA can appear to be a daunting and an overwhelming task, correct research and preparation are the keys to success. The very first step of Undergraduate admissions for International students in USA begins with narrowing down and applying to three to five of the most preferred schools. Each university has their own students advisor and their aim is to get the students comfortable and at ease with the new culture and ambience when they go to study in USA.

Almost all the top most and best universities and colleges for undergraduate studies in USA focus on the students GPA ( grade per average) admissions test scores . Apart from this there are a couple of more factors they bear in mind such as course work, teachers recommendations, community service and extra co-curricular activities that the students have indulged in. In order to secure undergraduate admissions for international students in USA, they have to appear for an admission test SAT or SAT subject tests. Each college lists their required admission tests in their application instructions.

One of the major highlights of Study in USA is the provision of AP Recognition . The Advanced Placement Program gives the students an opportunity to earn college credit or advanced standing. This AP credit Policy is recognised by most colleges and universities and works in favour of those who look for undergraduate studies in USA as they can skip some first level university courses. It is applicable for more than 60 countries worldwide. Undergraduate admissions for international students in USA also rely heavily on the English Proficiency Assessments. The TOEFFEL Test is taken as proof of English proficiency of the students whose first language is not English. Apart from this the Common Application is an online application form which is accepted by more than 450 undergraduate colleges of USA. As study abroad consultants in Delhi, EdElevate helps the students in filing up these forms and sending it to the participating colleges. Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts are required by some colleges as they reflect on the students overall personality.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone– Neale Donald Walsch.  Many students who pursue their dream to study in USA, are exposed to a tumult of new emotions, unique culture and broader horizons.