Your purpose in life should be to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it, said Gautama Buddha. Just like it’s essential to have a purpose in life, in the same way a statement of purpose is very crucial when you are applying for admission in MS in US College. Statement of Purpose, often called application eHow to Write SOP for US University Applicationssay or letter of intent is one of the most important components of your application process. It is a reflection of your academic results, professional aspirations, goals and ambition of life.

As overseas education consultants, EdElevate proffers SOP writing services in Delhi and is a one shop stop for all overseas education queries. EdElevate provides comprehensive counselling and documentation support to all those who are seeking admission abroad. The education experts at EdElevate follow the SOP writing format, and create the most effective and impressive statement of purpose for MS in US.

Following are a few steps on how to write SOP for US University Application:

  • Be yourself, as an original is worth more than a copy.
  • It’s the opening of the letter which will grab attention, and EdElevate ensures it is strong and articulate.
  • Highlighting the strengths and assets of the student is an highly important aspect while writing SOP for MS in US.
  • Precision, honesty and clarity should be the strong points of your SOP.
  • Remember to convey your goals and how that particular degree or program will take you closer to those goals. The committee should be made aware of your skills and interests.
  • Your shortcomings should also be conveyed across in a subtle manner. For example if you had an average GPA or a poor GPA in your freshman year, it should be put across in a cryptic way, along with mentioning how it has improved over the time.
  • When EdElevate writes an SOP for MS in US with work experience, the focus is given to describe the information which is relevant. A student’s work experience, where they worked, duration of work and what they gained from it are a few areas which are emphasized. Work experience contributes greatly in shaping your personality and accentuating your persona.

USA has some of the world’s top colleges and universities for streams such as business, MBA, Finance etc.  According to EdElevate following are a few tips which should be kept in mind while SOP for MS in US, or Sop in finance in US or SOP for MBA in USA.

  • There is no room for errors, spelling mistakes or poor English while you write SOP for MS in US.
  • The SOP should not exceed more than 2 pages, content should be double spaced with 1 inch margins and in Times New Roman 12 points font (preferred)
  • An excellent SOP which impresses the professors reading it increases your chances of getting admission to your dream college but a great degree.

So if you wish for an effective and extensive SOP which reflects your goals and interests in the best light, there is no better option than the SOP writing services at EdElevate.








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