Getting admitted to a Top B-School even with a Low Score

A low GPA or GMAT score does affect your chances of admission to a top-B School. But, don’t fret! Follow EdElevate’s suggestions to counterbalance the low statistics and make it to a top B-School.

  1. If it is your GMAT score that is on the lower side, no technique works better than retaking it. Retaking GMAT has dual benefit; firstly, your scores may improve and secondly, the Admissions Committee loves the candidates who show an inclination towardsB School essay consultants improving their scores. They appreciate the efforts made.
  2. You stand a better chance if your GPA (even though it is overall low) shows an upward trend. This again shows your inclination to improve and thus can be used to present your candidature positively to the Admissions Committee. The additional essay is a great means to present the story!
  3. If you have a low quant score in GMAT, prove your quantitative abilities by excelling in additional mathematical courses, certifications etc.
  4. If a low verbal score is what is bothering you, prove your skills in the domain by taking additional courses in communication or writing, and work hard on your essays.
  5. Make your candidature stand out through your essays. Highlight your accomplishments. Mention how you can contribute to the School. How you stand out as a leader, team-worker, contributor.
  6. Majorly apply to Schools who focus more on holistic persona than scores.
  7. Use the optional essay most judiciously to justify your scores. Indicate how your scores do not define you. How the School will benefit by admitting you. How you will add value to the MBA class. Highlight you leadership traits, your accomplishments that make you stand out from the crowd.

Overall, don’t let a low score bog you down! Definitely there are other aspects of your application that can be worked upon to present your candidature strongly to the Admissions Committee. We, at EdElevate, are your B school essay consultants.  We can surely provide you B school essay writing service in Delhi. Get in touch with us today!





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