How to make the most of your gap year?

gap year

I want to study abroad…but what about that gap year?

Are you worried about a gap year in your education or professional work?

While many students believe that continuing your education without a break is ideal, the number of students taking a gap year is growing everyday.

Conventional wisdom aside, EdElevate recommends students to not be afraid to experiment or take a gap year if you have extenuating circumstances such as a health problem or financial issues in your family, or for any other reason. If you are wondering about what to do in a gap year, there are immense learning opportunities. All you need is a little perspective.

Taking and completing a gap year will improve your sense of self. It will help you become more self-sufficient and mature. The gap year can help people figure out what they want to study and re-calibrate them to return to school and pursue their dreams. Sounds better now, isn’t it?

In the following article, we will be sharing a couple ways regarding what to do in a gap year and turn it into a strength instead of a weakness-

  • Use your gap year to improve your resume: 

Instead of being defensive about the gap year, one can look at it as a great way to stand out from other applicants. Whether it is living in another city/country and understanding the culture and sentiments of local people to improve your cross-cultural skills, initiating and contributing to an impactful community project, or giving a shot to a start-up you have been dreaming about, the gap year can be viewed as a time to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate confidence and motivation. It will also provide you with something to talk about during interviews! You will be able to discuss why you chose to do it and why it is important to you.

  • Improve your soft skills: leadership, teamwork, etc. 

Soft skills such as conflict resolution, time management, perseverance, and, most importantly, leadership potential are life-long and will enable you to make valuable contributions to any academic program and, later, in your professional career. 

Whether you decide to learn the aforementioned skills at a job you enjoy, while developing a business plan, or while volunteering for a social cause, always look for opportunities to learn new soft skills and improve existing ones. Remember, these abilities will stay with you for the rest of your life and provide you with lifelong benefits.

Summing it up

If you too are worried about a gap year in your profile and are wondering how to bridge it, EdElevate’s Gap Identifier Tool is the perfect solution for you. With this unique approach, we transform the gap perceived to be a liability into an asset. It not only helps us identify the most significant areas of improvement but also aids in preparing a strategy around the best course of action.

This, coupled with our unique Collaborative and Coaching Approach, helps us mentor and guide students to realize their potential. This can be in the form of making the cut to your dream university, securing a scholarship to finance your studies, or even helping you pick the right program and university. The progressive path that we take does not just halt at the university’s admission, but goes beyond. With our process, students become more productive and professional and take long strides towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

EdElevate’s expert guidance

Our expert counsellors at EdElevate will guide you and help you throughout your application process with our unique offering customised admission mentoring based on your interests, with coverage of the best colleges in every discipline. Right from choosing the best study abroad option for you to mentor you, to building a strong profile, we offer a variety of services to assist students in realising their dream of study abroad.

Apart from offering mentorship to students, we provide assistance in crucial admission processes including shortlisting universities based on the student’s unique profile and area of interest, essay ideation and brainstorming, essay review, reference letter and resume reviews, interview preparation sessions, and more.

With all of these advantages, EdElevate is the greatest place for you to join and work toward your dream of studying abroad and establishing a successful profession. Attend a Discovery session at EdElevate today to chart out your road to success.

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