Funding Your Education Abroad

Education abroad is costly. It could at times be very high as 6 times the expense in India. Thus planning is important to make sure that necessary funds are at your hand when required. Besides, when making your application for student visa, you have to show proof that you have adequate funds to cover the initial year expenses atleast.

Financial aid is a huge opportunity for several meritorious students to complete their higher education. Several US universities provide monetary help to students from abroad on the basis of merit and very rarely on the basis of poor monetary conditions. The type and amount of financial aid provided for various universities, level of study and departments varies. In applying to the universities or college in the US, there are various types of funding accessible for students, especially for post-graduate, undergraduate and graduate courses. Financial aid is more available in areas such as biological and physical sciences, and engineering than when compared to social sciences, humanities & management. Knowing full well the capability of students from India, the US provides various fellowships, grants and scholarships. In India most of the grants and scholarships are offered as loans which are free from interest by nongovernmental organizations and by the government to assist Indian students who are seeking opportunities to do their studies abroad.

In case you are unable to get college or university funding, the next option is that of an

education loan.  If you cannot get a loan from the US, then another option is to try and get a loan from India. Eligibility criterion includes:

(a) that your admission ought to be confirmed from the institution you intend to study

(b) loans are not provided for courses of correspondence

(c) past record of academic performance of the person seeking the loan ought to be satisfactory.

The above information must have briefly given you some idea about getting funding for your education abroad. However you might need even more information on funding. If seeking the assistance of admission consultants in India (for ex: mba consultants in Delhi, etc), do not search further. We are one of the best admission consulting services company who are ready to clarify all your doubts pertaining to funding for higher education abroad.


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