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University of Pennsylvania, USC. MSE in Electrical Engineering
Sagarneel Sharma
University of Maryland College Park MS in Mechanical Engineering
Himanshu Mehta
University of Florida MS in Mechanical Engineering
Kritarth Yudhish
University of Minnesota MSE in Electrical Engineering
Pranav Raj Prakash
Boston University MS Electrical Engineering
Saumitra Tiwari


The core scientific fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering remain one of the most popular higher study avenues for people across the globe. With the rise of technology and mechanization, more and more skilled workers are required by top companies, which would shape the future of the techno-global business world.

ECE is the fastest-growing sub-discipline within the domain of engineering courses. It is concerned with the transmission of information across different channels. The core idea is to focus on communication engineering with complimenting knowledge of the electronics field as well. How they interact, is also one of the central concepts in ECE courses.

Mechanical engineering, on the other hand, can be an academic or professional program that imparts knowledge of the working mechanisms of heavy tools and machinery. This branch takes into account the principles of engineering, physics, and material science. The course covers topics like the designing of electric motors, automobiles, aircraft, and other heavy vehicles. The course also necessitates understanding and use of software like computer-aided design and mathematical modeling.

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Learning outcomes and careers

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical engineering graduates will have a very big range of options open after graduating. They can seek employment in the public and private sectors. Development centers dealing in sales and manufacturing, mechanization, services of electronics & communication, etc., are some such areas. Such postgraduates are hired in capacities such as Production Manager, Hardware Development Engineer, Programmer Analyst, Electronics & Communication and Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Automobile Engineer, etc. Even a fresh graduate in these fields earns a handsome average salary.



Suggestive of the name, this branch of the subject deals with the study and manufacture of very small electronic components, mostly that are micrometer scale or smaller.

Research in the field of VLSI design, artificial neural networks, analog circuit design, microelectronic and power devices, etc are the major areas of study in the IEC domain of the program.
VLSI design tool and technology- A study in this field will equip you with hands-on experience in using CAD tools in VLSI design and specifying components and equipment involved in VLSI product development.

This domain of study combines communication with the engineering discipline. It is centered around electric and computer engineering which aims to enhance communication systems.

 The course is an amalgamation of subjects from the domain of communications, such as signal processing and digital communication and subjects from the domain of management. Programming languages like python, shell scripting, etc become essential learnings in this program.

This field of study involves the study of microwave circuits, components, and systems. It deals with the theories of devices like antennas, radar, remote sensing, microwave radiations to mention a few.

Nano’ as the word suggests deals in the objects of the size of atoms. An emerging field, nanotech involves the manipulation of atomic and molecular objects or the supramolecular scale

Mechanical Engineering

This field involves subjects from the fields of mechanics and biology and the study is more like the mechanical application in biological systems like the human body. The skills are applicable in research and development in the field of healthcare.

This study of applications such as biomechanics, novel transducer designs, signal, and information theory are the major aspect of this domain. It encompasses the principles and methods involved in the designing and controlling of engineered and natural systems.

The study of this subject involves the designing and manufacturing of better products at a lower cost. It entails the study of simplifying, optimizing, and refining product designs.

At a time of growing concern for climate, a study in this field will enhance your knowledge in the areas of the structure, properties, and behavior of all materials to not only develop useful products but also recycle and dispose of them in ways that are conducive to the environment.

 This area of the subject includes the study of nuclear power systems, space explorations, and nuclear forensics to name a few.

 This part of the subject encompasses studies in the field of thermodynamics, solar energy application, laser measurement techniques, and a lot more.

Top Universities

Students enrolled in
Top Universities

University of Pennsylvania, USC. MSE in Electrical Engineering
University of Maryland College in Mechanical Engineering
University of Florida MS in Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota MSE in Electrical Engineering
Boston University MS Electrical Engineering

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