Event based essays- A crucial part of your MBA Application

event-based-essaysYour MBA admission process to a top-notch university necessarily involves creating powerful write-ups and essays. Almost every high ranking B-School would require you to present your stories in a compelling way. The most common essay question asked by the admissions committee is the ‘Goals essay’, which requires the candidates to define clearly their academic background, career so far, goals (short term and long term), why an MBA education now and why the specific B-school.

Through this essay the admissions committee is inclined to see how much clarity you have regarding your career path. What are your ambitions and how you intend to achieve them? Your conviction in your aspirations is what matters the most here. Since you must have thought and researched about these areas to a great extent before you finalized your decision to go for an MBA education, there are very less chances of getting stuck here.

The prompts that usually catch the candidates off guard are the ones that require them to illustrate their personal skills. The skills that the admissions committee usually test you upon are leadership/team/diversity/innovative thinking/risk-taking.

Esteemed B-Schools look out for achievers who have the ability to take risks, handle pressure, challenges, diversity. The admissions committee is keen to enroll candidates who can make their MBA class more competitive, dynamic and conducive for growth. Through these essays you can convince them that you have the ability to make a difference.

To write a compelling narrative, brainstorm for the most important achievements of your life and present them as compelling stories. Remember the motto is to convince the admissions committee that you would be an effective contributor to their MBA class as you have proved yourself as an excellent leader, a versatile team-worker, and/or a trend-setter.