EdElevate’s Business School Guide : Know all about NYU (Stern)

nyuFounded in 1831, NYU is the largest private University in the United States. Being located at the heart of New York City, NYU (Stern) definitely takes the advantage of being located in the ‘world’s business capital’ in its variety of MBA Programs. The MBA programs at NYU (Stern) are a perfect blend of theoretical and practical applications and introduce students to real-world problems.

Statistics:  The average GMAT score for getting accepted to NYU is 720 and the average GPA is 3.51 on a scale of 4. The average years of work experience is 56 months. Out of applications of about 3600, about 760 are accepted and 340 are enrolled.

Diversity at NYU: NYU is known and appreciated for its diverse Student Community and has a multicultural environment. The school proudly highlights the fact that its student body represents over 60 nationalities and students from a variety of ethnicity and nationalities are welcome. Most students are a part of at least a couple of clubs on the campus giving them a chance to learn from each other’s experiences.

MBA Curriculum: While Stern is known for students, who are looking at a Finance specialization, all students in their first year are made to focus on general management. MBA students at the Stern School of Business are grouped in blocks of about 60 before starting school, and this grouping will shape their two years of graduate school education. When not with their block, students can take electives across NYU’s highly ranked schools. The Stern degree is an MBA in general management, and students can specialize in up to three areas, such as entrepreneurship and innovation or luxury marketing.


Who Should Apply to Stern?

  • If you are looking for a Finance Specialization and Sales and Trading: It is no secret that Stern is predominantly a Finance School. What is less known is that STERN can be the perfect fit for those who are looking for specialization even within finance like Sales and Trading. Unlike other schools which offer most placements for Investment banking within the finance sector, NYU offers good placements for Sales and Trading. Stern has specialized electives in Sales and Trade which train you well if you are looking for a career switch.


  • If you want to specialize in Luxury Brand Management: Stern is one of the few Top B- schools that offer a specialization in luxury retail and brand management. You would usually find this specialization being offered by some European Universities, not the top B – Schools in USA.


  • If you want to make a career in the Entertainment Industry: The Entertainment, Media & Technology (EMT) program enables MBA and undergraduate students to understand and manage the entire spectrum of the entertainment and media business, from its impact on the economy and the digital revolution to the global opportunities that technology creates. With a focus on both the business and content aspects of the industry, the program offers students a range of courses with practical and real-life application.


  • If you have recently Graduated from College: The average years of work experience required by students for entering into the MBA programs is low for NYU as compared to other Top- B schools . Hence Students with less experience and a good profile academically can give it a shot.


Deadlines: NYU has 4 round deadlines. If you are applying for NYU just remember ‘15’. The four deadlines are: October 15, 2015; November 15, 2015; January 15, 2016; and March 15, 2016. Though you should not rush to apply in the first deadline if you think you won’t be able to give your 100 % to the application, NYU (Stern) highly recommends applying in the first two rounds.

Beyond MBA – Socializing and Mingling: While NYU (Stern) provides excellent academic and research facilities, students are often looking at becoming a part of a community as well. NYU (Stern) provides excellent socializing opportunities for its students. The most famous being ‘Beer Blast’, a party that takes place every Thursday at 6:00 pm at the NYU (Stern Campus).  Since a business school is all about networking, this is an excellent opportunity for students to socialize and mingle. The party usually ends at 10:00 pm and students further head out to a bar for further interactions. Many MBA applicants have stated this party as one of the ‘best thing about Stern’ and the perfect opportunity to blend with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds.