How to navigate the complex admissions process? An EdElevate Comprehensive Guide

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Have you finally decided that you want to take a leap in your journey and study abroad? While an admirable decision, it is also understandable that the process of applying to universities abroad, securing admissions, making your way through the visa process et cetera all of these things seem a little intimidating. And this,is the focus of our blog today. 

In this blog we will be covering the various stages of the applications and admissions process, what they entail, with the problems and most common roadblocks that students may face, in this blog we will be covering the various stages of the applications and admissions process, what they entail, with the problems and most common road blocks that students may face, go and finally how you can overcome these problems with EdElevate‘s expert advice.

Before getting to the problems or recommendations, let’s understand what are the various stages of the admissions process and the problems associated with each one of them-

  1. Profile building- After you have decided that you want to upskill and study abroad, one of the very first processes to encounter is profile building. At this stage you want to introspect and understand your own candidature in depth, figure out areas of improvement, and work upon them. 

Problem– How to create a well balanced profile?

Even though you might have tons of experience in your professional domain and academics, it can be tough to have diverse experiences as well. A well-rounded profile consists of experiences across leadership, teamwork and management, extracurricular involvements, community work, and so on.

  1. University shortlisting- The second process after you have worked on your profile is to shortlist the right fit universities for you. Essentially what you want is to weigh your interest and choose programmes where you will realise your potential.

Problem– How to achieve a balanced list?

While shortlisting universities it can be easy to play extra save all go extra ambitious, but, what is difficult is to achieve a balance list which can take into account your ambitions but also hedge your risk at the same time. 

  1. Application requirements like essays, resume, recommendations- After finalising the universities where is fulfilling the application requirements of your chosen universities. Most often, all applications would consist of a standard statement of purpose or essays, a resume, and a couple of recommendations. 

Problem– If done right, these requirements can be the make or break stage of your application. The main problem that students face during this stage lies in the understanding of how to build on their strengths and put the best foot forward. 

  1. Interview preparation– After you have fulfilled all other requirements in application, a lot of the top universities would have an interview as part of their applications in one way or another. This could be a one-on-one interview or a recorded interview, et cetera. This is a golden opportunity for students to showcase their potential as they can truly express themselves in the best manner possible.

Problem– As much as this is a golden opportunity this can also be daunting as the responses here cannot be revised and reviewed. And a lot of students find it tough to nail the interview to impress the admissions committee.

  1. Visa– All the effort sans the visa can be in vain if you are not successful at this stage. Months of preparation, planning and hard work can be stalled if your visa is rejected. Thus, it is important to have the utmost clarity on all aspects of this process.

Problem– Most of our students find it incredibly tough to understand the different visa norms pertaining to a country, which makes it difficult to navigate this complex maze.

EdElevate tips and suggestions on how to overcome these problems

Fret not! We’ve come to you with our expert tips on how you can essentially hack the admissions process and make the best case possible with your credentials and experience. Let’s go step by step-

  1. Profile Building– Firstly, decide that you would spend time on your profile. Brainstorming on your career goals and strategically positioning your candidature is of utmost importance. When you strategize your prospects and plan your activities and engagements based on your interests and experience, you will be able to create a perfect roadmap for your future.
  1. Shortlisting– Learn how to hedge your risk with a simple process of categorising the universities you want to apply to into Ambitious, Moderate, and Safe. And apply to a good mix of these universities. This is because as you balance your ambition with more realistic options, you make sure that your admits will be maximised. Your goal should be to shortlist a comprehensive list of universities that will be a perfect fitment aligning with your professional goals and personal requirements including location preferences, core specialization and budget.
  1. Application requirements like essays, resume, recommendations– This is the make or break stage of your application. Keep in mind that application requirements are your thinking test and not your writing test. Your essay is precious; and often involves reflection into your personal life. These essays bring out your uniqueness and represent how you stand differently amongst a pool of other applicants. Moreover, your resume is a snapshot of your career. You might have shining records but putting them in the right place is key. And lastly, the Letters Of Recommendation are very important documents that tell the admission committee why you are worth it. Making sure that these documents are an accurate reflection of your potential and help you put your best foot forward is crucial as these represent you to the university admissions committees.
  1. Interview preparation– Want to nail the admissions interview? The very first thing you should do is to prepare a detailed list of things that you think the interviewer could ask you. Do a thorough analysis of your resume. A mock interview can be enriching, provide you insights into possible questions, and also tell you about what you need to prepare further for tackling the real interview.

A bonus tip from EdElevate- A question almost always asked is why you would want to take up the course. Your answer to this should be well-thought out and portray objective goals that you would’ve set for your career.

  1. Visa– First came borders then came visas. Right from advising you on the documentation to aiding you in filling the form to nailing the interview, our expert advice significantly enhances your chances of getting the visa. All of that dream sans the visa is a destroyed effort. We also provide information about ticketing, foreign exchange procedures, and medical insurance providers.

EdElevate’s expert guidance

Our expert counsellors at EdElevate will guide you and help you throughout your application process with our unique offering customised admission mentoring based on your interests, with coverage of the best colleges in every discipline. Right from choosing the best study abroad option for you to mentor you, to building a strong profile, we offer a variety of services to assist students in realising their dream of study abroad.

Apart from offering mentorship to students, we provide assistance in crucial admission processes including shortlisting universities based on the student’s unique profile and area of interest, essay ideation and brainstorming, essay review, reference letter and resume reviews, interview preparation sessions, and more.

With all of these advantages, EdElevate is the greatest place for you to join and work toward your dream of studying abroad and establishing a successful profession. Attend a Discovery session at EdElevate today to chart out your road to success.  

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