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EdElevate provides relentless support which begins from advice on getting the right score for your dream university, to a great profile assessment, going through applications of your targeted universities and advice on any other matter that you would want. EdElevate’s experts are very proficient and always eager to help. I made it to Georgetown for MPP with their support.
Amshika Amar
Georgetown University (Masters of Public Policy)
Thanks a ton for all your help in essay writing, interview prep and overall assistance in developing an impressive profile. I will be forever indebted to you for helping me in seizing a life altering opportunity despite the fact that all odds were stacked against me.
Mohit Vasu
Schulich School of Business (MBA)
It has been a rewarding experience being associated with EdElevate. I thank them for always being available & providing quick responses to my requests and for helping out with the LORs, SOP and Resume. All the Universities that were short-listed for me were completely based on my preferences and the specifications I gave them. With their assistance I could reach a prestigious school for my MS studies.
Aakanksha Kohli
NYU Tandon School of Engineering (Master's in Environmental Engg)
The brainstorming and strategy session at EdElevate helped me to incorporate my accomplishments and real life incidents in the most realistic manner in my essays. The Interview tips and mock sessions further instilled confidence in me and I nailed it!!
Karan Jain
University of Rochester, Simon Business School (MBA)
I would like to thank EdElevate for all the support and advice. It was due to their efforts, guidance and award winning essays which helped me to get into a top B-school for MBA with a 100% scholarship. The entire team is very helpful and systematic in their approach.
Ashish Suri
University of Arizona, Eller with 100% Scholarship (MBA)
It was indeed the result of Mr. Bhatia’s guidance and hard work that I have secured admission in Arizona, Eller with full scholarship. Succinct essays, strong references, personalized interview preparation and scholarship support is the highlight of MBA consulting program offered by EdElevate.
Ayush Gupta
University Of Arizona, Eller with 100% scholarship (MBA)
UCLA was a dream university in my list and this dream is realized because of systematic and methodical approach of the EdElevate team. They conducted an in-depth analysis of my profile and made meaningful suggestions on what to incorporate in common application essays and writing supplements of various universities. My extracurricular and community activities were well knitted in essays by the expert writers. I also got admitted to: UCSD, USC & UT Austin.
Yash Kansal
UCLA (Undegraduate Studies)

(Other Admits) UCSD, USC, UT Austin
Confused after 12th is how I would describe myself before coming to EdElevate. Here, I received expert guidance on short-listing right universities as well as my common application essays was drafted to perfection. The magnanimous efforts by EdElevate’s counselors transformed my above average credentials and fetched me admit from top US Universities. I also got admitted to: Purdue University, Pennsylvania State University.
Atharva Hans
University of Michigan (Undergraduate Studies)

(Other Admits) Purdue University, Pennsylvania State University
Mr. Umesh Bhatia and his competent team have really helped me in not only shaping my thought into action however also ensured complete hand holding during the entire process. The team was connected with me at every step – support in shortlisting universities, filling of forms, essay writing, mock interviews- have all helped in get admission in 6 universities out of 7 universities that I applied for. I also got admitted to: Purdue University, Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University.
Devna Grover
Umass Amherst with scholarship (Undergraduate Studies)

(Other Admits) Purdue University, Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University
EdElevate is the pioneer in admissions consulting when it comes to study abroad. They helped me thoroughly with my entire admission process. All my write-ups were made university specific and the guidance provided was of utmost help. Thank you EdElevate.
Haripad Bharti
UMass Dartmouth (MS Computer Science)
EdElevate made me aware of the best universities abroad so that I could make the most informed choice amongst all. I would like to thank them for all their help and support.
University of San Francisco (Undergraduate Studies)
Thanks to EdElevate for guiding me through the entire process. My application would not have been as it is without their support. They have been a guide and a friend to me. Their every criticism made me better.
Himanshu Maggo
Pennsylvania State University (MS Computer Science)